Today’s news – Friday, 07/07/17

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today … “Pennsylvania’s chronic and widening deficits, particularly during a period of economic growth, ‘demonstrate (a) pattern of financial mismanagement,’” – From this US News article: “Deficit-Ridden Pennsylvania Warned of Another Hit to Credit.”

A second quote … “As lawmakers face wrenching fiscal decisions, they somehow found it in their hearts to increase spending for their own care and feeding by $13 million, a 5 percent bump to $325 million.” – From‘s John Baer’s on-target column: “Pa.’s predictable budget process.”

A third quote … … the leakers are fueled by “hatred’’ of a government apparatus that deliberately disregards citizens’ rights so as to illegally gather any tidbits of information that will help them to temporarily keep ahead of the terrorists.” – Exracted from a letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: “Pompeo wrong about leakers’ motivation.”

A fourth quote …There seems to be no escape. Some of you will never fully grasp or comprehend this … I’m stuck, trapped, owned, miserable.” – From the writings of a person who died of addiction in this gripping Penn Live article.

  • WEATHER ALERT: “Today and Tonight. Locally heavy rainfall may result in minor flooding early this morning. A few strong to severe thunderstorms with gusty winds and hail are possible during the afternoon and evening.”

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  • From LNP – Always Lancaster‘s POLICE REPORT: “HARASSMENT (LANCASTER TWP.): Kiseen I. Brown, 21, of Columbia, was charged after a physical altercation with a woman at 10:20 p.m. July 3 in the 400 block of Judie Lane, police said.”
  • sheriff salesFew changes in the list that appears in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

8-22 crochetIf you’ve not seen Chris perform; he’s brilliant!10 magic

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