Whazzup Wednesday | 07/26/2017

bad dog owners

There are lots of wrongs in this letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. Why don’t the laws matter? Why don’t police do their job?

Pennsylvania’s code states that “A person owning or keeping a dog or cat over 3 months of age shall, upon request of a police officer or State dog warden or designated municipal animal control officer, produce within 48 hours a valid certificate of vaccination.”

Also, “The vaccination tag shall be a metal tag that is approximately 1 square inch in area that can be attached to an animal’s collar or harness and that is indelibly marked with the year of the rabies vaccination.”

And there’s a penalty: “A person who violates the act commits a summary offense and shall, upon conviction, be sentenced to pay a fine not exceeding $300 for each violation. Each day of violation constitutes a separate offense.”

contractInteresting reading … Pennsylvania’s Title 8 § 1402.  Regulation of contracts.

easton trolleyThe city of Easton has a trolley, too. It’s FREE to ride and it runs several routes. It’s got reasonable advertising rates; panels cost $2,000 for the season (there are five outside panels) and a monitor inside the trolley (ads on the monitor go for $50 a month).

“Focus on getting more people and fun things to do in your central downtown area and when the parking situation eventually gets tight, start trying to shift the mode share toward transit.” – Keystone Politics

The Easton Trolley is managed by the Department of Community and Economic Development, City of Easton.”

Easton received a grant that helped spur the conversation to get a trolley; then the municipality sought “bids for the purchase of a trolley.” Minutes of the Council of the City of Easton, Pa.

Easton’s also got an orchestrated, easy-to-navigate, highly communicative Website and a Main Street Program.

committee minutesOnce again, we applaud the councillors who are serving in council committee capacities for posting the meeting minutes in a timely manner. Citizens who are unable to attend these “grass roots” meetings can get a snapshot of what transpired. We applaud the thoroughness of the minutes. And the promptness of the posting of these committees:

7-12-17 Legislative Committee Meeting Minutes

Public Works Minutes 7-18-17

7-13-17 Community Development Minutes


revengeIn Wonderland, the warfare is nearly identical to what the world witnessed in middle Eastern nations; Balkan nations; African nations and globally … the citizens are terrorized by revenge politics and vengeful outcomes which have left their nations in ruins.

The objectives never are about serving the nation or its people, it is always about “revenge.” Yesterday’s “revenge politics” showed again in our nation. It’s not about doing the right thing – it’s about political factions doing the bidding of their warlords.

House Democrats stun GOP by sinking veterans, intel billsPolitico

Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey rip GOP efforts to undo health care lawThe Boston Globe

“GOP senators who oppose health bill ‘will have a lot of problems’”The Guardian

Congressional Wrangling Over Obamacare Repeal Could Drag On For Months NPR

vote them outNEXT TIME YOU VOTE! Remember the intransigence! Remember the arrogance! Remember the “no town halls!” Remember the “form letter responses” to your questions! Remember the “party first” mantras! Remember the “scripted responses.”

Remember – they do not represent you. They represent REVENGE POLITICS.

laundryAiring dirty laundry – “u need to mind your own business cause u dont kmow my husband at at” – a comment following this Lancaster Online article

bashersFacebook bashers take on Columbia’s Emergency Medical Services providers in this lengthy string at “What’s Happening in Columbia,Pa. and Area – Part 1.

piggy bank.jpg

nno mountvilleWest Hempfield Township’s Police Department is looking for a Police Officer and announces Mountville’s National Night Out will be on July 28. – West Hempfield Township Police Department facebook page







  1. Thanks Stephanie for your letter. I see irresponsible dog owners on a daily basis. Anything from not picking up poop to using a retractable leash without retracting. When they allow the dog to run unleashed the famous line used every time is ” he doesn’t bite, he won’t hurt you.” I see many dogs that have not been neutered and I believe that can lead to some aggression from time to time. I still see dogs tethered too. I’ve talked to people that had trouble getting home owners insurance because they had a breed of dog deemed to be more aggressive. And long ago, if you rented the rule was…no pets. Now it seems anything goes.

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