Monday – 8/7/17

familiar name

The places change but the familiar names remain.

mcgrathWhy can’t we get candidates as this?

The notorious “elected public servant” from Kentucky once told Amy McGrath she could not be a combat pilot. McGrath did become a USMC fighter pilot and now she’s campaigning for office in that state. Why can’t we get candidates that say and have done what she says and did?

RFEI clockColumbia’s Request for Expression of Interest’s clock is ticking. RFEI responses are due on August 29.

RFEIClick here or on the above graphic to download the Request for Expression of Interest for suggestions on possible use of the Borough Hall, the former fire station on Front Street and the Market House.

we are hiringColumbia Borough School District has employment opportunities posted at its website. So, too, does Hempfield School District and Penn Manor School District.


sweet-corn-“Growing season has changed in PA” – WITF – Photo by Markell DeLoatch — Public Opinion

dalton“the best catcher in baseball” dead of brain




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