Friday – 9/1/917

PALTRYSports and Hollywood celebrities stepped up to make contributions to help the folks in Houston and Southeast Texas. But the billionaires are skimpy by comparison. Looking at estimated income comparison, we estimate our own contributions are 20 greater (by percentage) than some billionaires.

But then, a dozen or so years ago, a fire chief friend in Chicago told me that on Fill the Boot day, folks who drive Chevys and Fords are far more likely to stop and donate than those driving the so-called luxury brands.

dung“You’re _ _ _ _ _ ing me! “Group points finger at Lancaster County for ‘disproportionate’ manure pollution of Chesapeake Bay”Lancaster Online

Wells Fargo branch is seen in the Chicago suburb of Evanston Illinois

Exactly how bad is Wells Fargo? | Wells Fargo Boosts Fake-Account Estimate 67% to 3.5 Million”Bloomberg


The Pennsylvania Dutch are known to mutter their version of “that wonders me” when they’re ferhoodled (confused or perplexed) about something. We’re ferhoodled as to why LEGAL NOTICES ARE NOT LISTED AT THE BOROUGH WEBSITE. The legal notice is posted ”””””””””””””””””’

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