Saturday – 9/2/17

nawccA Columbia Gem | “Good Things Come in Threes at the NAWCC”

reassessmentAn article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster states: “Appeal rates were highest in Columbia and the School District of Lancaster.” According to the article, John Mavrides, director of the county Property Assessment Office, Columbia has “a lot of variation among nearby properties: fixed-up houses next to blighted ones, high and low sales in the same block. That makes assessment more difficult, and a particular property’s qualitative conditions might not be known unless an appeal is filed.”

footballWeek one – a 21-12 loss on the hill.

whats happeningFind out what’s happening (and what happened) in Columbia!

preparednessSeptember is National Preparedness Month. Make a plan to be safe when those “events that are never gonna’ happen” happen.

mechanicWhat’s an auto mechanic going to do as internal combustion vehicles begin to disappear and “electric cars bring less work?”MarketPlace



mayor quoteFrom a SCHOOL BRIEFS item in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

potus dayNewsCorpse: POTUS Breaks the Ninth Commandment as He Signs Declaration For a Day of Prayer

The Presidential Proclamation

dollars warDoes not matter how many civilians – mostly the most vulnerable – women, children, the elderly, those with disabilities – are killed and maimed, “‘Syria is our new testing ground,’ says Russia military”Veterans Today


disinformatrionWhat would you do if we asked you to write something that wasn’t true? | Politico Magazine‘s article, My Life at a Russian Propaganda Network: I thought they’d let me be a real journalist at Sputnik news. I was wrong.” takes a look at the business of “fake news.”

cabinsMove ’em out! | “Cabins on Susquehanna River still expected to be shut down”Penn Live

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