Wait a second!!!

“Columbia man brutally beaten in wolfpack style attack”

That’s a headline at Columbia Spy.


In the “600 block of Walnut Street early Sunday morning.”

AND THIS IS THE FIRST TIME COLUMBIANS are finding out about a wild animal attack on its citizens.

What about the Columbia Borough Police Department facebook pageNOTHING!

What about the Columbia Borough Police Department Crime Watch page? NOTHING!

What about the borough’s NOTIFY ME email capability? NOTHING!

It is unbelievable that the borough would not alert its citizens or visitors to this kind of threat! Any kind of threat!

It is unacceptable!

Across the county one police department alerts its citizens to a Red Balloon non-event while on this side of the county … no news is good news! EVIDENTLY!

BUT WAIT A SECOND … isn’t this the community that was going to start communicating with its citizens, visitors and shareholders?

Isn’t this the community with the Sheriff Joe Arpaio-like threats of zero-tolerance justice?


  1. Why are we not informed when something like this happens?? I love my town but I am thinking about moving elsewhere.Shame I lived here for 66 years!!

    • That’s something that citizens need to bring to the folks whom citizens elect to the positions of borough council and mayor. In the interim, come to council meetings or contact your elected public servants with your considered observations.

      The protection of its citizens is the primary function of local government.

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