Sunday – 9/10/17 – part 2.

black teachers.pngThink white Americans and black Americans have the same outlook? The same experiences? How many black teachers did you have during your elementary, middle and high school years? “Teaching topic of race is its own topic” is a page one article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

World Suicide Prevention Day Observed In KashmirToday is “World Suicide Prevention Day: How to ‘Take a Minute, Change a Life’”Metro

take backfrom a facebook post at “You know you’re from Columbia PA if” facebook page.

NOTE: Appears this planned meeting venue has been changed according to facebook posts: “Sorry about my last post and after some thought decided to continue the meeting for those seeking to help solve some of the problems in Columbia. This is just a preliminary meeting to see how many are interested, bring your thoughts and ideas. From there we will take it a step further. Many expressed changing the location, it will now be in the park by Park Elementary school at 6 pm. Hope to see many people there”

This elegy starts a string at the same facebook page:

I am sad to see “Our beloved little town” being broken down piece by piece.

I am sad that our children cannot walk home from school without seeing a fight every week.

I am sad that our neighbors are afraid to sit on their front porch.

I am sad that we “The People” feel like they need to matters into their own hands.

I am sad that no one volunteers to help make the children of our community better people.

I am sad that my children may not have the memories that I have of “Our Beloved Little Town” but only of violence.

But I AM PROUD to say that I am from Columbia, “Our Beloved Little Town.” And this town has made me the person that I am today. COLUMBIA PROUD!!!


grave concern

Grave Concern will be holding a quarterly public meeting and program on Wednesday  September 20,  7:00 PM at the Lancaster County Mennonite Historical Society, 2215 Millstream Road – Route 30 East Lancaster, PA 17602-1499 – (717) 393-9745.

“I’ve Finished My Race” – Cemeteries and Funeral Traditions at the Ephrata Cloister

presented by Michael S. Showalter, Museum Educator at the historic Ephrata Cloister.  

This meeting is free and open to the public. Grave Concern is an organization dedicated to the history, preservation and restoration of historical burial places. – news release


Family First Health’s Center of Excellence provides patients with substance use disorders the support they need to reach, and maintain recovery. The team links patients to community resources and support services, and then walks alongside each patient to ensure that critical needs are met and that the patient remains in care for as long as needed. The goal – to give each patient the supports needed to get, and stay healthy.

The program began in 2016, with Family First Health’s Hanover Center and George Street Center offices. On September 12, 2017, Family First Health will begin offering these services to patients in our Columbia Center office. Services at these three locations include:

  • Support and medical care coordinated with the primary care provider.
  • Access to a comprehensive care management team comprised of case managers, recovery support specialists, and a licensed clinical social worker.
  • Customized support to navigate the care system and get to/maintain recovery.
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) to support sustained recovery.

For more information regarding the Center of Excellence, substance use treatment program, please call the program manager, Erin Cosgrove-Findley at 717-801-4864. – news release

TH pumpkinTurkey Hill’s Pumpkin Pie Premium Ice Cream Pumps Up the Fall Flavor

LANCASTER, PA, September, 2017—Delicious seasonal flavor reminiscent of homemade pumpkin pie will soon return to a nationally known Lancaster County favorite—Turkey Hill Ice Cream—but only for a limited time.

Turkey Hill Pumpkin Pie Premium Ice Cream, a limited-edition recipe from Turkey Hill Dairy, starts with a rich, creamy base flavored with pumpkin puree and spices you would expect to find in a homemade pumpkin pie—like cinnamon, ginger and cloves. A cinnamon graham cracker swirl adds a crusty touch to complete the taste sensation of a slice of pie in one delicious scoop of ice cream.

“In many families, it’s a tradition to pair a scoop of ice cream with a slice of pumpkin pie—so why not put it all together in one delicious dessert?” said Kim Hertzog, Public Relations Manager, Turkey Hill Minit Markets. “It’s a fast and easy way to enjoy the taste of a classic treat any time, without all the effort of baking a pie. Just scoop and enjoy. But remember: Turkey Hill Pumpkin Pie Premium Ice Cream will be available for a limited time only.” – news release

Don Williams dies at 78The New York Times



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