Thursday – 9/21/17 | part II

grate again“‘Yup, We’re Embarrassed Too’: Viral Photo Shows WH Chief of Staff John Kelly Face-Palming During Trump’s UN Speech”People magazine

Madness and “delusional” commentary reminiscent of the rantings of another megalomaniac.

paul quoteAs the Republican sycophants try to push through yet another poorly prepared repeal and replace agenda, “Republicans rip Rand for rejecting Obamacare repeal | And the Kentucky senator is just fine with that.” – Politico

Want to “shake your head?” Read this piece: “GOP senators are rushing to pass Graham-Cassidy. We asked 9 to explain what it does.”

Remember this at the next several elections!

suicide“Suicide and self-harm remain taboo topics in schools, despite the fact youth suicide has reached a ten year high.”The Conversation

toilet-paper-2613704__340Sometimes it isn’t what it looks like … this post at a local facebook page: “Saturday , our daughter … treated us all to Lunch at Shady Maple, as i was going into restroom , this guy ,about 76 hurried out, didn’t take me long to see why, 1. he stuffed paper in the toilet ,and 2. he tried to do the sink also but i came in. I opened them both up.” has a string of comments, but one especially lucid one, “Maybe he has dementia or a brain injury.”

Alzheimers and related diseases are not funny and the commenter’s point may be accurate. Here’s an informative guide “Understanding and supporting a person with dementia.”

5th fridayFive Fridays in one month only occurs a few times a year. HeritagePA has decided to use those days to encourage Pennsylvanians to take in the history and heritage of their region. During each 5th Friday through the end of 2018, there will be community events held throughout the different heritage areas. Here’s ours: Susquehanna Heritage Area:
* Zimmerman Center for Heritage – The Zimmerman Center will extend its regular weekend programming to include HeritagePA’s 5th Friday.
* Columbia Crossing River Trails Center – Current Color: A Year on the River is a special exhibit presenting the work of local artist Diana Thomas. –
News release

walking“The U.S. just got really bad grades in walking” Futurity

islamophopia“Islamophobia Isn’t About Them; It’s About Us”Franklin & Marshall College

woman-covering-mouth2_1600-971x647“Middle-aged Americans report tooth trouble”Futurity





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