Monday – 9-25-17

mayors letterMayor blasts LNP – Always Lancster in letter-to-the-editor.

And in the very next letter below the mayor’s letter, Randy L. Herman of Manor Township echoes a similar sentiment. H-m-m.

kept in darkFILE PHOTO: A compressor station pumps natural gas into the Tennessee Pipeline in Dimock, Pa. (Katie Colaneri/StateImpact Pennsylvania).

What happens when government is not transparent: “Susquehanna County, public remained in dark about big methane leak.” | Think Equifax and government that only want favorable things said about them.

lots of targetsWhen everyone and everything is a target … who knows when, where and toward what or whom the next crazed lashout will be directed?

crazed“Trump Renews Debate Over National Anthem Protest, NFL Players Respond”NPR

NASCAR owners stand with POTUS – Business Insider

Why do people stand for the national anthem at sporting events? The Washington Post

Ever wonder who, besides POTUS, didn’t enlist in the United States military when they had the chance? We do.

Sanity remains in Germany … for the moment | Merkel wins fourth term but far-right populists make gains”Financial Times

Disrespecting the colors | people do it every day!Penn Live

vietnam burnsThe second week’s installments of The Vietnam War began last night; four more nights beginning tonight on WITF. This column: “Maybe President Trump should watch PBS” is a statement about the insanity of war without a reason.

“Wow. We have learned nothing!” cries the writer, Ann McFeatters.

lititz beer fest

amphitheaterSpringhettsbury Township’s amphitheater.

From the Municipal Briefs in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. Elizabethtown’s “” Borough Council on Thursday approved a change order to the Community Park amphitheater project to construct a tiered seating area for spectators instead of the current arrangement of having people sit on the grassy hill. The new seating area should allow audiences to view performances more comfortably, adding value to the new stage being built to replace one that was in a flood-prone area.” 

newsosaur_web_w230In other news in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, the Lancaster County Land Bank Authority has this on its agenda: “resolution authorizing acquisition of 208-210 Locust St., in Columbia Borough.” This is the property formerly owned by the Biglers – the one that was falling down. The Land Bank’s website if chock full with Columbia property information. But the minutes of the most recent meetings are lacking – none since June despite two meetings announced to be held.

And the Lancaster County Redevelopment Authority has this on its agenda: “Resolution approving a contract with the Lancaster County Land Bank Authority for the expenditure of Community Development Block Grant funds to acquire the residential property at 324 Union St., Columbia.”

Interestingly, at the Redevelopment Authority’s Website, the Land Bank’s meeting minutes from the July and August meetings are posted; this is from the August minutes: “Mr. Justin Eby said that the website will be kept up to date so if members have a question about any of the properties, they can find the most current information there.”
Mr. Justin Eby stated that 839 Blunston Street had just been closed on.”

Confused, yet?


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