Wednesday – 10/4/17

York Daily Record columnist Mike Argento is an excellent story teller. His column, Columbia is losing an institution in Hinkle’sPharmacy, about Hinkle’s announced closing hits a home run with reality slices like this:

“The waitresses were kind of solemn Tuesday, the day after the announcement. Some, as they spoke with their regulars, had tears in their eyes as they poured coffee and served eggs and hash browns to regulars offering their condolences.”

No shame: “Police: New Providence woman stole $3,300 from fund set up for family of homicide victims”Lancaster Online

cpd arrest 10-4Columbia Police Department facebook page

share your cheeseWhat a wonderful idea: County woman started this facebook page. “Beginning in September 2017, this page will show you the past-due amount for school lunches at every Lancaster County school district that has a need. Instructions will be provided for making a tax-deductible donation directly to the lunch fund for each school – then you comment on the post that you are paying all or a portion of the amount, and mail in a check. Contact us anytime with questions or suggestions. AND SPREAD THE WORD!!! The goal is to have 500 local followers of this page before the school year begins, lets do this!”

US News & World Report ranks Lancaster as 2nd best place to retire!

One-way-or-the-otherTaxpayers might face choice of property tax, home deductionsThe Chicago Tribune

wineRelaxed and updated Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board rules: Now you can have up to 36 cases of wine shipped directly to you.

Here’s a PowerPoint of other changes.



tue thur prep

wed sewing

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