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Thursday – 11/30/17

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Can you believe it? November is already gone.

columbia animal shelter

Members of the Columbia Zoning Hearing Board last night approved the application request of the Harold and Judy McKonly Family Foundation to go ahead with plans with a few conditions and variances to use the former fire company structure on 10th Street as a no-kill animal shelter.

At the beginning of the meeting, solicitor for the Zoning Hearing Board Joselle Cleary (second row above, center) set forth in clear, concise statements the purview, conduct  and conditions of the hearing board and referred to the Pennsylvania Law on zoning hearings.

The shelter, according to Mike McKonly, is a long-time dream his mother, Judy McKonly, had for Columbia. Mrs. McKonly died in August. He said the dream, and the plan is to modify the existing fire station into the “first class” facility his mother envisioned.

When the facility’s “adaptive reuse of an existing structure” is completed, the shelter will be able to accommodate 100 cats and up to 10 dogs as the animals are awaiting reclamation or adopted.

The facility will have an executive director. Volunteers and contracted veterinarian services are planned for the shelter.

The Zoning Hearing Board members also interviewed Terry Anne Doutrich for a position of alternate for the Board. Following questions and her responses, the Board approved her and will forward their recommendation to the borough council for subsequent consideration.

Zoning Hearing Board chairperson, Donald Haines said just before adjournment at 8:46 pm that “we want to encourage home ownership and that “we are overrun with apartments.”

Columbia news, views & reviews reminds readers that this report reflects the first-person observations and recording of the meeting’s events. All news reports and secondary sources accounts (news sources; are exactly that … primary source chronicling. Columbia news, views & reviews recommends that citizens attend meetings to watch, listen and draw their own conclusions of the outcome of the questions.


Congratulations to these Columbia High School football players who were awarded Honorable Mention in the 2017 Lancaster Lebanon Football awards presentation: Alex Retamar, running back; Shawn Kemmer, center; Matt Gambler, defensive end and Dorian Grimes, defensive back.

Obituary: Larry A. Meley Lancaster Online

Scarf bombing in ColumbiaLancaster Online

Lots of folks in the POLICE LOG today arrested for “possession” charges – including a 21-year old woman with a Columbia address. And there’s a 41 year-old man charged in the theft of $1,161 of merchandise from Wal-Mart.

The LEGAL NOTICES (posted at the Borough Website) asking for RRPs for alternative use for the Market House and the Front Street former fire station are in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

More crap from the “Twitwit”Hard to believe this stuff! Hard to believe that this nation puts up with this sewagethis embarrassmentthis moronic display.

lic.jpgAnother falsehood from POTUS – liar in chiefThe Washington Post

My Army Service Made Me Believe in Universal Health Care |A veteran argues that civilians deserve the same access to coverage and treatment as those who wear the uniform.” – The Atlantic

And the RWNJs try to manipulate the newsThe Washington Post


Project Veritas – pure truth? Sure it is.


But “What is Truth?”

Bid specifics for borough properties: Market House and former fire station

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Here are the bid packages for the lease of the following two separate borough-owned properties in Columbia Borough:

Sealed bids are due (in advance of the public bid opening) on January 5, 2018 at 2:00 PM.


SOURCE: news release


Wednesday – 11/29/17

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gated communityLast week Columbia news, views & reviews posted photos about the newly paved Heritage Drive and the fence between it and the cabin properties along The River. Columbia Spy has much greater detail about the cosmetic project: Did Heritage Drive become a $40,000 gift to cottage owners?”

“Most People With Medicare Part B Will Pay Higher Premiums in 2018”The Street


Back in 2013 Columbia news, views & reviews posted this following a council meeting: Can we pay in Bitcoins?” posed one of the councillors at Monday’s council meeting. It appeared that the councillor was the only one among the assembled who knew about this new payment venture.”

That councillor was clairvoyant, it turns out: “Bitcoin Value Soars Past Disney, McDonalds and IBM Amid Cryptocurrency Craze – Bitcoin would rank in the top 15 of Dow components, while digital currencies could collectively surpass ExxonMobil in the coming days as investors plough hard cash into online coins.” – The Street

A modern-day reality: “Spending on drug and alcohol rehab, children and youth services among increases in Lancaster County 2018 budget”Lancaster Online

What are you doing next Sunday? Find out how a neighboring community is “planning & communicating.”our mariettaFind out about Marietta’s assets, opportunities and treasures!

lte answersLetter writer not happy with legislator’s response. In today’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s letters to the editor, this is one that takes issue with rote responses.


A police department with a “working, community-connected, dynamic” facebook page!”

The Dad of the new “princess to be” lived in Perry County. | “Perry County family will soon have royal connection.”Penn Live

Tuesday – 11/28/17

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“Supreme court cellphone case puts free speech – not just privacy – at risk”The Guardian

Columbia Police Department message for businesses: Want to register “Emergency Contact List Updates” CrimeWatch

So a woman writes a letter to the editor that appears in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster – see the last line in the letter.LTE TOOMEY

“The loss of net neutrality is likely to be felt by consumers in several ways. Internet service providers can charge more for faster internet service or charge more for websites with high traffic, explains Ashley Esqueda, senior editor at CNET TV. They can also create tiers of service, with faster internet access costing a higher fee. Small businesses could be priced out of the market without net neutrality, Esqueda added. “Think of Facebook — it’s a giant of the web now, but back when it was first getting started, it was run entirely out of a college campus. Without net neutrality, it might not have made it.” | MarketPlace.org

“The hidden history of comic book shops” MarketPlace

Amazingly, that scoundrel is running for Lieutenant Governor again PoliticsPA

From the POLICE LOG in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: “MANOR TWP.: Trent T. Martin, 20, of the 200 block of Seitz Road, Columbia, was charged after a domestic incident Nov. 12 at his home, police said.

No automatic alt text available.

29 young adults

29 young adult

29 cars

Monday – 11/27/17

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Image result for closing the barn door

“Finally getting out of the Stone Age” | “VFW post going tobacco-free for its future, families” – From the PA VFW News E-Update pointing to a Post that gets it in Sharon, PA

The State Commander also exhorts VFW posts to “recruit and retain” members. “As of today, the VFW is 33,563 members behind where we were at this time last year. One of the biggest sources of this decline in membership is the lack of retention at the local Post level. Members are allowing their dues to expire for various reasons, and we are watching the organization shrink as a result.”

He goes on saying that not being familiar with computers is no longer acceptable. “The Adjutant General has given us our marching orders – increase membership, use the tools that are available, work those unpaid lists, and get our membership numbers up. It is no longer the time to make excuses or give reasons why our Posts are shrinking. It is the time to do what must be done: recruit and retain.”

fake news

Remember this People of Lancaster post (as most are) is “fake news” | It’s a post about a made-up person “hoping to get political asylum” who gets deportation notification.

Image result for real news

“The public is invited to again vote online for the 2018 Pennsylvania River of the Year, choosing from among five waterways nominated across the state.” One of those rivers nominated is the “Lower Susquehanna River/Susquehanna Riverlands” (that includes this area). – PAriveroftheyear.org

At today’s meeting of the Lancaster County Planning commission among the items for discussion: “No.11-70, Columbia Borough, proposed request for certification of 239 S. Fifth St., 20 S. Fifth St., and 511 Ave. N as blighted properties in accordance with the Lancaster County Board of County Commissioners Ordinance No. 56 enacted Oct. 17, 2001.”

A TAX PLAN FOR THE UPPER TIERS | “The Senate Republican tax plan gives substantial tax cuts and benefits to Americans earning more than $100,000 a year, while the nation’s poorest would be worse off … ” – The Washington Post

The November Safety committee meeting minutes are posted at the Borough Website.

So, too, are the November minutes for Legislation committee meeting.

Really? | “Financial sector sees Pennsylvania gaming law changes as good for municipal governments”Keystone Crossroads

Lock one (or more) round, load! | “Background checks for gun purchases set Black Friday record”Penn Live

bronze, crown, iron

The king of wonderland will get his “person of the year” recognition – one way or another | “Meredith Corp., backed by billionaire Koch brothers, to acquire Time Inc. for $2.8B”




Sunday – 11/16/17

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Lancaster County’s Inspections at Lancaster Online.

York County’s Inspections

Click here to go to the state’s Website of inspections … and the listing of the violations at each location. The statewide directory lists inspections for all municipalities in York County and Lancaster County.

… except those in Columbia – Columbia persists in having its own inspection system with its own forms and inspection items – rather than the one used statewide.

“Net neutrality explained: ‘Imagine internet is pizza …’”


“There are a lot of ways to describe net neutrality, but my favorite has its roots with justice [Antonin] Scalia: Pizza delivery. Imagine you are in a town with two pizza places — Domino’s and Papa John’s — and one phone company, AT&T. In a normally functioning free market, if you want to order pizza you are likely to call whichever pizza place that tastes best to you or has the best bang for your buck. But let’s say AT&T and Domino’s cut a special deal where any calls to Domino’s are favored over the calls going to other pizza places. So anyone calling Papa John’s has to wait behind everyone else calling Domino’s. For most people even if you might think Papa John’s tastes better, you know you will get your pizza faster if you choose Domino’s.

“Worse, let’s say AT&T acquired Domino’s and profits directly from Domino’s profits. Now AT&T has even more reason to block or throttle calls going to Papa John’s. We doubt any new pizza shops are going to set up shop near you if they know they are facing this kind of unfair treatment from the established big guys. So, here we have fewer choices and higher prices for everyone involved. The strong net neutrality rules currently on the books prevent big providers like AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast from favoring one pizza chain — or in the case of internet, content creator — over another. It means all traffic and content travels over your connection at an equal pace. This means more entrants to the market, more reasons for people to continue making their services better, and happier customers, whether they prefer Domino’s or something else.

“And now imagine that instead of delicious pizza we are talking about access to healthcare, the ability to open competitive businesses, launch your own app, to apply for jobs and for your kids to do their homework. Net neutrality makes sure that everyone gets a seat at the table to succeed at the American dream.” – MarketPlace

Seriously? Living “Reasonably.” on a pension of $385,819.The Morning Call

Elitists, crybabies and junky degrees |A Trump supporter explains rising conservative anger at American universities.” The Washington Post

Saturday – 11/25/17

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mol tweetRead the Washington Post article.

“Columbia couple opens $2M self-storage facility on Union Street” Lancaster Online

small businessClick here to see participating outlets.


Small businesses in Columbia have organized a fun activity – starting today – for Small Business Saturday.  The “Roll, Stroll…Shop & Dine” campaign is our community’s way to both get the word out about the great businesses in town… and to encourage more residents as well as the MANY folks who are coming to town for the NW Lancaster County River Trail to “roll and stroll” around and explore what’s happening with businesses throughout the borough.

Meant to be fun and simple for businesses, residents, and visitors to participate… the campaign will kick off Saturday, November 25 and run through the end of the year.

Businesses are encouraging people to take pictures around town – hopefully within restaurants, shops, businesses, etc. – and post them to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with the hashtag #RollStrollColumbiaPA. Folks can also enter by liking/following the Roll Stroll Columbia PA facebook page.

At least one lucky person will be randomly selected each week to win a prize donated by a local business. The list of participating businesses – and winners – will be posted online. The winner will need to go to that business to claim their prize. And, of course, we will look to capture both the prize drawing and prize delivery with additional pictures/posts on social media

Here are our social media links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Roll-Stroll-Columbia-PA-191066928120313/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rscolumbiapa/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RSColumbiaPA

AND…Businesses wanting to get in on the prize giveaway can do so by contacting Rebecca Denlinger at rsd@risingtidecollaborative.com for info! – SOURCE: news release

wright sb saturday

York Rape suspects get bail | Disturbing as it is; it is a right. – The York Daily Record

Again history of domestic violence and then “Woman shot at central Pa. fish and game club has died; husband arrested.”Penn Live

oh pitt

“Pitt football’s latest upset was predictable in that it was unbelievable” The Pittsburgh Post Gazette

OPINION – The end of shameThe Washington Post

Scenes seen on November 24, 2017

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goldboroughJust maybe, Coronado was not looking in the right places. Looking eastward ion Locust Street this afternoon, this looked like a ‘city of gold.”

Had Coronado ventured down Union Street across Front Street, he’d have found the smoothest street in Gold-borough. Recently renamed Heritage Drive  (the former dirt road that paralleled the railroad tracks and Front Street), now is a paved road way that’s extremely smooth. It’s the street that’s right adjacent to the newly gated community. Also paved is Union Street to the river access.

gated community

The black metal fence surely is a property enhancement. Perhaps this property enhancement technique will be expanded to other parts of Gold-borough.

new parking model

Is this the new borough parking model (two for one)? Wonder whether this model works on the streets as well as this municipally-tagged vehicle at the rear of the borough hall?


Friday – 11/24/17, part II (for those shopping not for stuff – but for information)

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other news

Oh, what a joyous group: those RWNJ fundies | “Fighting Gay Rights and Abortion With the First Amendment”The New York Times

And how about those First Amendment rights that the RWNJs are suppressing? | “Anti-Trump protesters risk 60 years in jail. Is dissent a crime?” The Guardian

“deep and hard” comments about the “elected public servant” from Texas | If the revolting, disgusting actions of people like this RWNJ keep getting elected, small wonder that his “record in congress since 1984, has him pimping for oil companies, the insurance lobby and anyone willing to pay  him, is certainly caught with his pants not just down but off as well.” = Veterans Today

An alternative to the Internet and a way around the “throttling” of the Internet by the “RWNJs in Wonderland”? | Read this interesting concept, but consider the source: RT.com.

RT is the new Russia Today. There are those who say that Veterans Today is also a Russian influenced or Russian controlled Website.

Another example of the “despicables” in Wonderland: “The Degrading Ritual of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s Pre-Thanksgiving Press Briefing”The New Yorker

The West Cocalico Township Police report in today’s POLICE LOG  in LNP – Always Lancaster: “Adam Hess, 29, of Lititz, and Lance Shannon, 22, of Columbia, were charged with burglary, theft and conspiracy in connection with the theft of two motocross-style motorcycles overnight Sept. 2 from a garage on Project Road, police said.”

A day late … | “Municipalities and municipal authorities may apply for grants to support the construction, rehabilitation, repair, or expansion of a water supply or sanitary sewer system which they own and maintain. Eligible projects for the PA Small Water and Sewer Program must have a total project cost between $30,000 and $500,000. Grants require a 15% match which may come from any other source.” – Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED)

In the MUNICIPAL BRIEFS in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, Lititz is proposing doing away with nuisance taxes — per capita and occupational taxes — but “considering a levy of 2 mills to offset the elimination of the per capita and occupational taxes.” Huh?

Also, Marietta’s citizens will see higher taxes because the borough is proposing adopting a  “new fire tax.”

Yeah, those folks in Cameron, Sullivan and Potter counties don’t need representation!| A letter to the editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster suggests reducing the PA legislature “— 67 senators, to be assigned one per county; — 100 state House members, to be assigned one per county, with the other 33 to be assigned to counties based on relative populations as per the latest census (ostensibly, one each to the 33 most populous counties).


20 mittens

Image may contain: text

Friday – 11/24/17 – Black Friday and Fourth Friday (maybe?)

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columbia roll stroll

November 24 through 26 — Support Columbia’s Small Businesses. Shop small, shop locally. Visit Columbia Historic Market House while strolling downtown. – SOURCE: Newsletter – The Columbia Connection – Fall 2017


The “pattern and practice” of no communication – sporadic communication – disjointed, inaccurate communication continues | Isn’t this the Fourth Friday?

It isn’t – if you’re looking for information about it at the Susquehanna Chamber of Commerce’s Website.

You’ll find information about:

Santa, Caroling and Tree Lighting in Marietta

A Community Christmas Celebration in Wrightsville

An Old-Fashioned Christmas in Columbia

The same day as the 5th ANNUAL COLUMBIA WINTERFEST TREE LIGHTING!https://columbianewsandviews.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/tree-lighting.jpg?w=416&h=538But what about Fourth Friday? Can anyone find information about this event that’s been an ongoing monthly event?

fourth fridayCan anyone believe what’s stated at the Website? According to the Website, Kathy Hohenadel is the Chamber of Commerce’s executive director? Is she?

But if citizens read the Newsletter – The Columbia Connection – Fall 2017  they’ll see that Fourth Friday, indeed, is scheduled for today: “24—Fourth Friday in Downtown Columbia (5-9pm) | Market House open late.”

They’ll also see these December events:

  • 1 through 3—Columbia Historic Market House | Need that Special Gift Weekend
  • 7—Lecture: Burning the Bridge (6:30-8:00pm) $10 per person (pre-registration required). Columbia Crossing
  • 8 through 10—Columbia Historic Market House | Old Fashioned Christmas Weekend. Open until 5pm on Sunday 12/10.
  • 9—Ornament Making at Columbia Crossing (11am-3pm) Suggested donation of $2 per person.
  • Sunday, December 10 – An Old-Fashioned Christmas: Mittens & Mufflers (11am-5pm) Think gingerbread decorating, cocoa, caroling, holiday decorations, carriage rides and home tours. Stop by Columbia Historic Preservation Society (19-21 North Second Street) to see the train display, visit with Santa., and stop by Santa’s Secret Workshop At 4:30 pm hear Librarian Lisa Greybill read the classic ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” at the gazebo in Columbia’s Locust Street Park. Linger in the park for the lighting of the town Christmas tree at 5 pm and another visit from St. Nick. Tickets are available at the SVCC Visitors Center (445 Linden Street) or by calling 684-5249 through December 9. Tickets will cost $12 in advance or $15 on the tour day.

Why can’t Columbia have a reliable, inclusive Website like this one?

sparkleCommittee members of An Old-Fashioned Christmas, including (front, from left) Michelle McFarland, Teresa Allen, (back) Denise Brubaker, and Marlene Geltz, invite the community to enjoy a holiday home tour and other festivities on Dec. 10 in the borough of Columbia. – The Merchandiser. See the entire article, “Holiday charm will sparkle in Columbia.”