Thursday – 11/30/17

Can you believe it? November is already gone.

columbia animal shelter

Members of the Columbia Zoning Hearing Board last night approved the application request of the Harold and Judy McKonly Family Foundation to go ahead with plans with a few conditions and variances to use the former fire company structure on 10th Street as a no-kill animal shelter.

At the beginning of the meeting, solicitor for the Zoning Hearing Board Joselle Cleary (second row above, center) set forth in clear, concise statements the purview, conduct  and conditions of the hearing board and referred to the Pennsylvania Law on zoning hearings.

The shelter, according to Mike McKonly, is a long-time dream his mother, Judy McKonly, had for Columbia. Mrs. McKonly died in August. He said the dream, and the plan is to modify the existing fire station into the “first class” facility his mother envisioned.

When the facility’s “adaptive reuse of an existing structure” is completed, the shelter will be able to accommodate 100 cats and up to 10 dogs as the animals are awaiting reclamation or adopted.

The facility will have an executive director. Volunteers and contracted veterinarian services are planned for the shelter.

The Zoning Hearing Board members also interviewed Terry Anne Doutrich for a position of alternate for the Board. Following questions and her responses, the Board approved her and will forward their recommendation to the borough council for subsequent consideration.

Zoning Hearing Board chairperson, Donald Haines said just before adjournment at 8:46 pm that “we want to encourage home ownership and that “we are overrun with apartments.”

Columbia news, views & reviews reminds readers that this report reflects the first-person observations and recording of the meeting’s events. All news reports and secondary sources accounts (news sources; are exactly that … primary source chronicling. Columbia news, views & reviews recommends that citizens attend meetings to watch, listen and draw their own conclusions of the outcome of the questions.


Congratulations to these Columbia High School football players who were awarded Honorable Mention in the 2017 Lancaster Lebanon Football awards presentation: Alex Retamar, running back; Shawn Kemmer, center; Matt Gambler, defensive end and Dorian Grimes, defensive back.

Obituary: Larry A. Meley Lancaster Online

Scarf bombing in ColumbiaLancaster Online

Lots of folks in the POLICE LOG today arrested for “possession” charges – including a 21-year old woman with a Columbia address. And there’s a 41 year-old man charged in the theft of $1,161 of merchandise from Wal-Mart.

The LEGAL NOTICES (posted at the Borough Website) asking for RRPs for alternative use for the Market House and the Front Street former fire station are in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

More crap from the “Twitwit”Hard to believe this stuff! Hard to believe that this nation puts up with this sewagethis embarrassmentthis moronic display.

lic.jpgAnother falsehood from POTUS – liar in chiefThe Washington Post

My Army Service Made Me Believe in Universal Health Care |A veteran argues that civilians deserve the same access to coverage and treatment as those who wear the uniform.” – The Atlantic

And the RWNJs try to manipulate the newsThe Washington Post


Project Veritas – pure truth? Sure it is.


But “What is Truth?”


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