Friday – 12/1/17

On this day in 1955 Rosa Parks is arrested for refusing to move to the back of a bus and give her seat to a white passenger in Montgomery, Alabama” – What else happened on this day in history, click here.

cannabisleaf1Mount Joy marijuana grower | maybe, “$10M facility with up to 90 jobs” Lancaster Online

Borough Manager Sam Sulkosky, formerly Columbia’s borough manager, “called the Laurel Harvest proposal ‘an excellent economic development opportunity.’”

“Governor Wolf’s commitment to apprenticeship programs”PA Department of Community and Economic Development news release

The secrecy of government … in PittsburghPublicSource

IT’S HAPPENED AGAIN – THE SECRECY OF KIDS’S SPORTS FINANCES – In Lebanon, over $9,000 missing from youth football program.The Lebanon Daily News


Can it get worse? Oh, hell yeah! | “We Regret to Inform You the White House’s Solution to the Opioid Crisis Is Kellyanne Conway”

And a letter-to-the-editor writer (with a Columbia address) asks In the case of (Alabama senate candidate) Moore, a professing Christian, did the alleged actions occur before or after he accepted the Lord?”

Does it matter?

ddi-overheadjpg-1baf0294d949076bThis’ll be fun!

This is PennDot’s solution to traffic coming soon to Ephrata. Penn Live


False Allegations of Sexual Harassment: Misunderstandings and Realities”Academic Matters

WSBA’s parent company files for bankruptcy Penn Live

Sign of the times | Today’s POLICE LOG a spate of arrests for possession and theft dominate.

Good bye, Gomer; it’s been nice having you around and thank you.The Hollywood Reporter


In a LEGAL NOTICE in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, Columbia will consider three ordinances at the next borough council meeting on Monday, December 11. It’s just so hard to grasp: WHY DO THESE LEGAL NOTICES NOT APPEAR AT THE BOROUGH WEBSITE?

“Realtor speak” | for the morphing of Lancaster County into the sameness and ugliness of a metropolitan conglomerate | “transform a commercial-zoned tract of land into a dynamic community featuring retail and residential housing. Smart lifestyle features such as bike and walking trails will connect the community to downtown Lancaster. In addition, many of the historic attributes of the property will be preserved and utilized to enhance the heritage and style of the development.” – The Shoppes at Belmont Website



small works


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