Saturday – 12/2/17

The Library will be closed from January 2 until May 19, 2018!

Bernie Sanders will be in Reading on Sunday; details here.

borough mH hoursan e-blast from Columbia borough

The Columbia Historic Market House is open from now until Saturday, December 23rd. Meanwhile; the Market House is participating in the Old Fashioned Christmas House Tour on Sunday, December 10th. Moreover; the market house is busy promoting their guest vendor weekends, along with a visit with Santa Claus and the Columbia Middle School Chorus on Saturday, December 16th at 11am. Live music will take place on the 9th, 10th 16th, and 17th. Checkout our Facebook​ Page for times and players. In closing….on behalf of the stand holders of the Columbia Market House, we thank you for the memories and the business you have shared with us. From our house to your’s Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” – SOURCE: news release

A list of “Discount Grocery Stores in Lancaster County Area” Frugal Lancaster

“The Great Recession Is Still With Us | The downturn left the country poorer and more unequal than it would have been otherwise.” The Atlantic

trump-flynn-lock-upPOTUS: “I don’t think he did anything wrong. If anything, he did something right.” – NewsCorpse

lone wolf“Raffaello Pantucci explains what lone-actor terrorism is, why it’s effective and why we seem to be seeing more attacks that aren’t clearly connected to terror networks in this long-form comic explainer” – The Conversation

legalsThese Columbia LEGAL NOTICES are in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster BUT NOT LISTED AT THE BOROUGH WEBSITE.

preschool mondays


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