Wednesday – 10/11/17

Here’s shocking news!


First Hinkle’s then … Will Turkey Hill convenience stores be sold? Maybe!Bloomberg Markets

“Kroger operates 784 convenience stores, employing about 11,000 people under such banners as Turkey Hill Minit Markets, Loaf ‘N Jug and KwikShop.”

another columbia news sourceA Columbia citizen posts youtube video recordings about events and happenings in Columbia. Click here to see “Borough Council Meeting Bulletpoints” about the October council meeting.

smucker quote

“Trump Demands More ‘Appreciation’ for Relief Effort in Puerto Rico”Mother Jones

Gets more “appreciation as “US Rep. Lloyd Smucker gets bird’s-eye view of devastation wrought in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria, lauds relief effortsLancaster Online

other news

Lancaster Newspapers’ publications to co-sponsor candidates candidates forum in Elizabethtown Lancaster Online

“There used to 324 newspapers in the state of Pennsylvania. Today, there are about 60 – give or take a few.” From this column, “All news is local”, by Salena Zito – The Washington Examiner

Simple Assault charge in shower argument: “More details emerge in arrest of Lititz woman accused of sending man to hospital with genital injury”FOX43-TV  (the Lititz CrimeWatch report.)because some communities do document crime and criminal acts.

“too disturbing for the public’s eyes” |“York College restricts “potentially disturbing” art exhibit.”FOX43-TV

Meanwhile at the Ephrata Public Library: “‘Resistance and courage’: Ephrata exhibit shows how Holocaust victims resisted Nazis through art”Lancaster Online

FOLLOW UP: “Utah police officer fired after violent arrest of nurse who was doing her job.”Penn Live


14 crochetAt the Columbia Public Library!


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