Thursday – 10/12/17

NOTICE: This notice is posted at the borough Website: “The Legislation Committee Meeting and the Safety Committee Meeting scheduled for yesterday, Wednesday, October 11, 2017 were cancelled due to a power outage. These meetings have been rescheduled for Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 6:00pm.”

Columbia news, views & reviews and Columbia Spy posted the announcement about the power outage on October 11.

GRATE AGAINHere’s a tax plan everyone (rich) can get behind! According to this Lancaster Online article, “Families in the top 1 percent would see a $129,000 tax cut, while middle-class families would get $300 on average and the lowest-income earners would save $60, according to the Tax Policy Center.”

homeschool dayHere’s a Special Invitation to Homeschoolers from the National Watch and Clock Museum

after the factAfter the fact reporting strikes again. Citizens attending the Monday night council meeting didn’t get a lot of information from the Community Development Committee report. This is what the agenda states: “Updates regarding Community Development.”

Little wonder, since the Community Development Committee minutes for September’s meeting (9-14-17 Community Development Minutes) were not posted until sometime after the Monday night meeting.

Little from the minutes was revealed at the Monday night council meeting. Certainly, there was no discussion about the trolley, the Hotel Locust or this report: “Rebecca Denlinger reported that she and Cle will provide information from their attendance at the 2017 National Main Street Conference at a future Community Development Committee meeting.”


In Steelton, 180 jobs gone. These were jobs resultant from the Williams pipeline activity; just look at Williams’ bragging in 2014: “Dura-Bond has been a great supporter of our company’s project and have agreed to participate in Atlantic Sunrise Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) scoping meetings in support for Williams.”

Another instance of corporate greed and prostitution as the workers get shafted. Another instance of “corporate welfare” in action as Dura-Bond begins bragging about it’s resuscitation of another plant in McKeesport. Same story, different place.

Recreational marijuana | “Officials who say recreational marijuana can help close budget holes may be on to something. The average consumer of legal recreational marijuana spends $111.05 per month on marijuana products.” – Central Penn Business Journal

There is justice for the Navy leaders who effectively killed more US Sailors than enemies did this year. (Though they’re more than likely get to retire with plush pensions.) | “Top Navy Officers Fired In Ongoing Leadership Shake-Up After Deadly Collisions” NPR


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