Friday – 11/3/17

Schopf,+AArt Schoff – longtime educator, Columbia historian and horse aficionado dies.

In the case of Manheim Township’s School District’s board of directors’ attempts to flummox its citizens there’s considerable open debate NOW AFTER THE FACT. Manheim Township’s citizens have been bamboozled by a school board that has acted in the shadows and appears not to know the meaning of the word “transparency.” A majority of the letters-to-the-editors in LNP – Always Lancaster the past several days attest to that.

Last night citizens in Columbia learned what many suspected: in the rush to install a new superintendent at the Columbia School District Board of Directors’ Committee of the Whole meeting, no position vacancy had been posted or announced and no search for candidates with the requisite Knowledge, Skills and Abilities.

  • Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) – The attributes required to perform a job and are generally demonstrated through qualifying service, education, or training.
  • Knowledge – Is a body of information applied directly to the performance of a function.
  • Skill – Is an observable competence to perform a learned psychomotor act.
  • Ability – Is competence to perform an observable behavior or a behavior that results in an observable product. – WikiPedia

From an article at Lancaster Online: “When the agenda item to hire Strickler was first addressed, Hohenadel, in a surprise move, made a motion to table the agenda item until the December school board meeting. She then read a seven-minute litany of her concerns for hiring Strickler that appeared to span more than five years.”



sheriff salesThe listing for the Lancaster County Sale listing for November 29 is fairly large and includes several Columbia properties.

seeing red

Click here to see a sample ballot of next Tuesday’s election – know who and what are on the ballot to make your informed selections.

Posted at the Borough Website: Please note the Borough Office will be closed Tuesday, November 7, 2017, in observance of General Election Day.

From the Columbia Borough Council Legislation Committee meeting minutes for October (now posted at the Borough Website): “Amendment to Chapter 40 authorizing appointment of an Assistant Borough Manager:  The current Columbia Borough Code does not mention this position.  Motion made by Wickenheiser, second by Murphy to request Council at the November 13 meeting to authorize the advertising of this ordinance.”


  1. “The Manheim township’s school board of directors are not being transparent,” you wrote. Perhaps the word opaque could be used here. Here are some other words that that apply to opaques that are found in The Oxford Thesaurus. American Edition: adj. 1 dark, murky, dim, turbid, muddy, cloudy, obscure, obscured, obfuscated, black, impermeable, impenetrable, clouded, nontransparent, untransparent, nontranslucent, , hazy, blurred, blurry, smoky. 2 Unclear, vague, indefinite, obscure, unfathomable, unplumbable, baffling, mystifying, ambiguous, equivocal, puzzling. 3 Unintelligent, dense, thick, dull, obtuse, stupid, dull-witted, stolid, thickheaded, dunderheaded, slow, doltish, backward, cloddish.

    These are words in our main language that could apply to this school board of directors.

  2. Other words, too, come to mind:
    bamboozled – deceived – flat-out lied – hoodwinked -hornswoggled – flimflammed – scammed – deceived or just plain “SCREWED” the people they’re supposed to represent.

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