interesting post at Columbia Spy | about the borough’s spy cameras

Here’s what’s Columbia Spy shared from last night’s council meeting about Columbia’s Spy cameras:

“Fisher asked if he could get a list of camera locations in the borough, and the mayor replied, ‘No.’ Later in the meeting, the mayor said the borough has ‘exactly 50 cameras’ but ‘there is no list.’ According to him, if the borough had a list of cameras, it would be considered public property and would have to be made available through ‘Right-to-Know,’ He said the borough does not have to create a list just to satisfy such a request. He said no list exists because of covert cameras being used in investigations.”

Interesting that there’s a investment in spy cameras but there’s no inventory of them. What kind of entity/business/government keeps acquiring things but doesn’t keep track of the resources purchased?

It’s even worse when that entity is a government entity spending citizen money.

In Lancaster, everyone knows where the surveillance cameras are positioned.


At the Website, it states: “Camera Map -Did you ever wonder where our cameras are? Would you like to know if there are safety cameras in your neighborhood? Find out now by clicking Here

In Lancaster, “The Lancaster Safety Coalition is non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that is ‘owned’ by the community. To ensure our future existence we rely on the generous support of the residents and businesses of the City of Lancaster.”

In Columbia, the cameras were purchased with funds from grants or taxpayer funds. Either way, people outside government provided the funds for government to use to protect citizens.

Elected public servants who are paid by citizens are not dictators, though some act like dictators. (See NOTE below.) They are responsible to the citizens they are elected to “protect and serve” … transparently!

Citizen requests to know where the 50 cameras are are valid requests that should be granted … without a right-to-know submission.

That’s just more arrogant disdain for the citizens served.

NOTE: All dictators come to the end and their citizens do not remember them kindly!


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