“When the pizza delivery guy is also called ‘Nazi Bob'”; paywalls and “counter-positions”

The Boston Globe’s article – “When the pizza delivery guy is also called ‘Nazi Bob'” – is a story about a York County man.

If you’ve exceeded the number of visits to The Boston Globe‘s Website, you’ll not be able to read the entire article.

Curiously, you can read it here.

If you click on this Youtube link, you will hear an audio recording of a woman reading the article.


Other viewpoints of the article appear at the Stormfront.org Website.

A post at the site:

“The Boston Globe is a Fake News Site.

“No information on this story online except on their site.

“And the story itself reeks of fake news. No photos of the individual they speak of, etc. It’s clear it’s fake news.

“And the correct term, if they want to be taken seriously at all, is National Socialist Bob. If it’s ‘Nazi Bob’, that would mean that it’s Jew Bob because Nazis are not National Socialists, Nazis are AshkeNazi Jews. So if the story were true (which it is not), and it’s ‘Nazi Bob’, then he is an Ethnic AshkeNazi Jew.

“Nothing wrong with being National Socialist, it’s The Only Way to Stamp Out White Genocide, which is the agenda of The One World Dual Israeli Mossad ZOG.”

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