Monday – 11/20/17


“Mass killer, cult leader Charles Manson dies at 83”Reuters

See it happens a lot with School Boards of Directors! | “Newly released emails between York Suburban School District officials appear to show a coordinated effort to clamp down on information about the former superintendent’s sudden departure in September.” – The York Dispatch

Marsteller | A better fit at Lock Haven The York Dispatch

How big is that South Dakota pipeline leak?BBC


Anyone confused by the Land Bank and its transactions?

Anyone wonder why there are only two municipalities participating and all the properties listed at the Land Bank’s Website are only in Columbia? The only two municipalities with Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreements are Columbia Borough and School District and Marietta Borough and Donegal School District

Anyone wonder why the meeting agendas and minutes posted at the Website are not current.

Anyone else wonder, as this commenter does, to this Columbia Spy article about the 208-210 Locust Street property transaction? “How does a business get a building for $1, then Columbia kicks $70,000 their way for preservation, and then get two committed parking spots out front. “

truck signFrom Facebook/ Sheriff Troy E Nehls (before the post was removed)

“Texas woman with anti-Trump slogan on vehicle is arrested” BBC

“Drone footage has captured the scale of a 5,000 barrel oil leak in South Dakota.” – BBC




One comment

  1. Interesting. The size of the pipeline leak can be stated two ways. Five thousand barrels or as 200,000 gallons. Took me a bit to figure it out. Just shows how facts can be manipulated to give different impressions. The five thousand number sounds much less serious.

    Headline writers are the worst.

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