Wednesday – 11/22/17 – Part III

Media is more than just our window on the world. It’s how we talk to each other, how we engage with our society and our government. Without a media environment that serves the public’s need to be informed, connected and involved, our democracy and our society will suffer….

“If only a few wealthy companies control how Americans communicate with each other, it will be harder for people to talk among ourselves about the kind of society we want to build.”

The above is from this article at The Conversation: Understanding net neutrality: 10 essential reads.”


““throttling,” the practice of limiting download speeds

This is what these “elected public servants” in Congress want to do for the masters they serve. Only those masters are not “we the people.”

“I Have Come to Despise So Many of You” | A youth soccer official picks up a red card for telling the truth about parents of kid’s athletics.

Darn, all the good stores open somewhere else | “Aldi to open new Ephrata grocery store Thursday, Nov. 30”

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