Wednesday – 11/22/17 – Part II

tree lightingThis year our tree will be lit in memory of our beloved Mrs. Mary Loreto!! Come join us on December 10th at 5:30 and enjoy in fellowship with hot chocolate and lots of treats!!! Look forward to seeing you all there!! – facebook post

VARIOUSAnother “teen heartthrob” goneVariety

Columbia news, views & reviews has long opined that Internet connectivity ought to be a public utility. In Colorado, some “communities … have been on the front lines of an ongoing battle over improving internet speeds, access and reliability.”Route Fifty

toomey tax

The Pennsylvania GOP Senator is “Working Tirelessly to Lower Your Taxes” he claims in an email to constituents. Read more at his Webpage: Pennsylvania Voices for Tax Reform. Or for more updates on the Senate’s efforts.

And we’ll see “how that’s working for us” in a year.

And in Harrisburg, “elected public servants” getting a slight “automatic cost-of-living salary adjustment.”  – Penn Live

Nice work if you can get it! | “The increase for legislative leaders will raise their salaries between $99,410 and $136,094, depending on the position they hold.” – ibid

“No tax hike in proposed Lancaster County 2018 budget, but property tax bills can still vary” – Lancaster Online

Never-ending warsThe National Review


Can you see the irony in the titles of these opposing viewpoints in these columns in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster? “It’s tribalism vs. honor and integrity in Alabama” and “Al Franken needs to take a long walk and disappear.”

What’s happened to our society? | “Armed teens raped girl they lured from York Fair”The York Dispatch

On the flip side – this is a story about a young woman making us proud and showing the “right stuff.”– Central Penn Business Journal

It’s unsophisticated; not going to be a legitimate survey and just a quick Google-driven conclusion … but overwhelmingly the letters-to-the- editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster are over age 60 (in fact, a high number are over age 70). But that is the demographic that votes!

Leaky pipes?leaky pipes

“DEP cites Sunoco for Mariner East leaks, including two in the midstate”WITF

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