Monday – 12/4/17

vandalismFrank Doutrich, a Columbia resident and property owner, related a recent experience about vandalism at this Ninth Street property at a recent Borough Council Public Safety Meeting. The property has been beset by several instances – broken windows and peeling away bricks – and Doutrich asked for borough-provided cameras, added police presence and/or police dogs. He’s taken his plea public with the sign posted on the proberty (above).

monopoly map“Through the creation and use of various laws, the state sets out to prop up major ISPs because they lobby them to do so. This happens so often that there are actually terms for these government-created barriers ranging from red tape to making it outright illegal to compete with the monopolies.”

“Net Neutrality is Not Left Vs. Right, It’s the Establishment Vs. Your Freedom” The Free Thought Project

write net neutralClick here or on the graphic above. Or you can join in protesting (it is an American right) – Protest outside Verizon store against the rollback of net neutrality protections. Thursday, Dec 7 at 11:00am Lancaster Verizon Store. 1700 Fruitville Pike Lancaster PA 17602 or Thursday, Dec 7 at 9:30am at the Verizon Store, York Galleria Mall. 2899 Whiteford Rd York PA 17402.

save the internet

“Why the Internet Should be a Public Utility |When The Invisible Hand Becomes a Fist” –  Eudaimonia

TOUGH TALK – historically empty talk: “State to businesses that get grants: Follow through or pay up”Central Penn Business Journal

media guideGovernment and government agencies (e.g., Economic Development Corporations, authorities, Housing Steering Committee, School Districts, Water Companies, etc.) may find helpful tips in the Government_Social_Media_Survival_Guide.

“Public sector organizations have a lot to offer the communities they serve through social media. Updates on your website or items on your city council meeting agenda can now  foster real-time interaction with your constituents. Imagine using your Facebook page to enhance the search for missing children, or promote fundraising activities and other community events more effectively and efficiently than traditional outreach methods.”

Pennsylvania, as most of its many departments, has social media presence.

This is the December 2 post at the State’s facebook page: A post about a holiday trolley.

“What Living On $100,000 A Year Looks Like”“On paper, $100,000 a year is well-off. But for several households around the country,  it often takes just one major expense for that to not feel like enough: student loans, child care or housing costs.”

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