November Public Safety Committee minutes

The November Public Works committee minutes are posted. In the minutes:

Heritage Drive:  Mr. Miller conducted 3 meetings with cottage residents before beginning work; they are reportedly pleased with the results. Borough workers have developed a positive working relationship with Norfolk Southern Railroad.

“Completed work includes: clearing of trees and debris along property line, completion of wearing course, installation of 15 new trees between Union and Locusts Streets, and placement of a black security fence (on borough property). The fence matches and complements the river park fencing. More signage will be erected, including stop signs on both sides of the tracks, and at Locust and Front Streets. The work has been completed under budget, as much of it was performed in-house.”

One comment

  1. Excellent work. Thank you Ron, Jake, and the highway staff for the great job done this year in budgeting for and seeing through all the paving projects. Thanks to your efforts we were able to pave an additional 10 blocks of roads this summer with virtually no additional cost to the taxpayers of Columbia. This is what it’s all about. Embrace change.

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