Tuesday – 12/5/17

That-Bullshit-Law-“Why are some 4-year-olds forced to represent themselves in a court of law? How does an abused woman get a prison sentence that’s decades longer than her abuser’s?

That Bullshit Law is an animated series delving into American laws that confuse or disrupt the promise of liberty and justice for all. Each bite-size episode examines the complex ecosystem in which a law came to be, illustrating its unintended – or all too intended – consequences.” – Reveal

Sewer problemsRead about this small town’s sewer problems and you may be happy Columbia is no longer in the sewer business. – WESA-FM

“Pa. making strides in solar energy”The Public Opinion, Chambersburg, PA

OPIOID USE | “Former WellSpan doctor accused of writing more than 200 fraudulent prescriptions”Central Penn Business Journal

Dictators dictate | And they always want to control information and communication; look at what’s happening in Egypt: “Censorship is becoming a key tool in Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s crackdown on dissent in his country. In recent months, Egypt has seen libraries and bookstores close, and journalists and authors must contend with strict standards.” – The Atlantic

[NOTE: Could it happen here? It’s already started] Trump Threatens NBC License, Blasts ‘Disgusting’ Free Press”Bloomberg News

Image result for click it or ticket pennsylvania“During the week of Thanksgiving, Officers with the Columbia Borough Police Department conducted multiple enforcement details in conjunction with the “Click It or Ticket” mobilization effort.  The enforcement efforts resulted in Officers issuing 38 citations.  Citations were written for the following violations:  16 Speeding violations, 10 Adult Seat Belt violations, 4 Suspended License violations, 1 Insurance coverage violation, 7 other violations. Drivers are reminded that seat belt use is required under Pennsylvania law.” Columbia Police Department Crime Watch

Mansion for sale in ColumbiaTime

SCHOOLBOARDMEETINGThursday, December 7 | The Columbia Borough School Board Committee-of-the-whole Meeting  and the Re-organization Meeting are listed to begin at at 6:00 pm.

“Veterans Have An Obligation To Hold Congress Accountable In An Era Of Perpetual War”Task and Purpose

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