Tuesday – 12/12/17 [part 2]

great job

At last night’s council meeting, the mayor heaped praise on the “50 or so kids” that recently pitched in to clean up the leaves at the park at Fifth and Locust. “I couldn’t believe the amount of leaves these kids gathered up,” he said. These volunteers then went up to help with clean-up at Mount Bethel Cemetery. He stressed that all the recent bad news about Columbia’s kids is outweighed by actions as these.

“Donald Trump, Roy Moore, and the Degradation of the G.O.P. | In less than a year, the President, with help from the Alabama Senate candidate, has so damaged the Party that it may never recover.” – The New Yorker

“What are readers saying about Roy Moore?” In Alabama? – Letters to the editor in the Montgomery (AL) Advertiser

Puerto Rico has still not received any of the $4.9 billion in short-term loans promised in a congressional storm aid package in October. The territory has requested $94 billion in federal aid to help recover from debilitating back-to-back hurricanes. [Bloomberg]

“Official Toll in Puerto Rico: 64. | Actual Deaths May Be 1,052.” The New York Times

“Expert sees partisanship in Pennsylvania congressional maps” | Duh – it doesn’t take an expert to see this! – Lancaster Online

“Struggling to afford mental health care? This Lancaster County program wants to help” Lancaster Online

“Heroin crisis turns back clock on grandparents, making them struggling parents again”Penn Live


  1. Hi, Brian. I wanted to mention that some of those same teens and adults who cleaned the leaves in the park also stopped to help me finish cleaning out the leaves in the back of the library. I was very appreciative of their help!

  2. Thank you for sharing more of the good news that’s a lot more prevalent than the other kind of news. Too often, good deeds go unnoticed and unrecognized.

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