Friday – 12/15/17

Thank goodness the court system still remains in this nation! Pennsylvania and lots of others are lining up legal action against yesterdays insane FCC decision to end net neutrality.

And what about our Republican elected public servants? Where do they stand? Where do you think? – reddit

And our Democratic elected public servant? – reddit

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Well not exactly the slowest in the world, but slower than many nations.

internet speeds

myspeedtestHere’s our speed test result | Test your own speed here.

“FCC Chairman Ajit Pai explains what the Commission’s adoption of his Restore Internet Freedom proposal means.”

BAD ACTOR’S VIDEO: “Ajit Pai put a lot of work into Thursday’s successful FCC vote to kill net neutrality. He has put decidedly less effort into convincing literally anyone that this naked money grab that will upend freedom of information online is a good idea. It’s unpopular with corporations, consumers, and even other FCC commissioners.” – GQ

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New Year’s at Noon  – Sunday, December 31, 10 am – 1 pm. Dance Party with Father Time, face painting, games, crafts, balloon drop and more! Activities included with Museum admission.


  • Art of Time | Showcase of talented artists from around the world. On exhibit through January 2018. Included with Museum admission.
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other news

“Library announces temporary closing”The Merchandiser

A “belscnickel” from Columbia | “Butch Reigart of Columbia, Lancaster County, has portrayed the Belsnickel. He uses Belsnickel to raise awareness of the Pennsylvania Dutch dialect, which he speaks and offers instruction in.” – The Lebanon Daily News

“The surveys found that people who live in … often recognize the attributes but can have a poor self-image. On the other hand, people from outside seem to see the beauty and the good but are sometimes swayed by residents’ lack of self-confidence … .” – extracted from this Central Penn Business Journal article.

“A journey through a land of extreme poverty: welcome to America” The Guardian

“In an era of inequity, more and more college financial aid is going to the rich”The Hechinger Report

slippery slopeThe Slippery Slope of Opioid UsePowToon




  1. We’re not seeing the correlation. Consumers have choices when shopping online. We’re not restricted to just one provider.

    We’ve not found Amazon’s shipping times to be different than others. Though, we have seen Amazon not charging for shipping on purchases we have made.

    Also, Amazon pays for shipping, as do others. And Amazon, WalMart, Boscov’s, et al don’t have government backing – but they do have competitors. The Internet providers are monopolistic.

  2. Shipping (the ‘post’) was the first regulated utility. You pay for the speed you want

    To argue that Amazon pays for shipping I s just as shallow argument as saying I don’t pay property taxes as a renter. I ain’t buying it.

    By the way, I’m no fan of Amazon. My partner has for years refused to shop at Wal-Mart,I thought that was silly but now I won’t shop at Amazon.

  3. No arguments. Just voicing that with Amazon and other retailers, consumers have a choice.

    With a utility (Internet, electricity), that choice is limited. And what kind of outcry might there be if the electricity providers,provided less (or sporadic) power to different users predicated on how much they were prepared to spend.

    Our hang-up here is that with Internet providers there just is no real choice.

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