Wednesday – 12/27/17

This information comes from the Borough’s LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS Webpage:

“Bids – for the use of these borough properties: 137 South Front Street; 308 Locust Street,  will be accepted until January 5, 2018 at 2:00 PM, at which time all bids received by the Borough will be publicly opened and the offered consideration read aloud.”

There’s nothing posted at the Borough Website about next Tuesday’s Council Reorganization Meeting. Yet, you can see the agenda that is recommended for all Pennsylvania Boroughs by clicking here: Biennial Reorganization Meeting.

And here are the Advertising Requirements for Borough Code Provisions.

One comment

  1. Have you ever served on a PTA board, church council, or other body? Half the members don’t understand what bylaws are and the other half don’t care. Why would a bourough councel be any different? It really makes it hard to give a damn.

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