Today’s news – Wednesday, 1/10/18

BEFORE AND AFTERMonday afternoon’s sleet and freezing rain pushed the January council meeting to last night. It also provided the conflict and change that led to at least two revisions from the preliminary meeting agenda. Last night’s agenda (final version) did not include these previously slated presentations.

  • Presentation by Dan Jurman – update on Capital Workforce
  • Presentation of the year-end report from the Borough’s Community/Economic Development Consultant, Rebecca Denlinger.

It did, though, include the promised annual report from the Susquehanna Heritage organization’s Mark Platz, Hope Byers and Alison Aubrey (middle photo below) and a borough proclamation “Celebrating Catholic Schools Week.” National Catholic Schools week will be celebrated January 28 through February 5, 2018.

Mayor Leo Lutz read the proclamation; two students from Our Lady of the Angels received the proclamation.

meeting photos

According to the Susquehanna Heritage presentation, visitation and usage at the Columbia Crossings River Trail Center continues to increase.

Can it get worse with the GOP? You betcha’ – as the convicted, but recently pardoned, octogenarian RWNJ from Arizona announces his candidacy for the United States Senate. – Esquire

A warming trend for a few days.

Economic Growth? It’s everwhere: “The World Bank predicts that the global economy will grow 3.1 percent this year” The York Dispatch

Breezewood: “a rural Times Square.” – A column by Salena Zito, The Washington Examiner

An intriguing LEGAL NOTICELancaster Online

Bravo for the teacher! | “Teacher handcuffed after questioning superintendent’s pay raise during school board meeting”FOX43-TV

OPINION: “How Coffeehouses Fueled the Vietnam Peace Movement”The New York Times

“The Pennsylvania Department of Education keeps a database of educators’ salaries around the state. The searchable data above is for the 2016-17 school year, the most recent available.” – The Lebanon Daily News – Columbia Borough School District salaries are listed here.


  1. Rebecca Denlinger currently holds two titles in the borough. If I heard correctly, she was at another meeting last night and therefore could not make her presentation. What other meeting? Was it Columbia Borough related? She is drawing a good salary to represent THIS borough.

  2. Maybe she was at Marietta Borough’s Council Meeting which was scheduled for the same night as Columbia’s meeting. Is she still on the books in Marietta? That is a lot of juggling for the money that is committed.

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