Friday’s news – 1/19/18

A tidal wave of support at this facebook page for the Black Olive Diner following a post from someone who said, “… and they also have too much on the menu.”

Really? Go “figger”! The Black Olive is a real boon for floes Ice floes flowSOURCE:with permission from Columbia Spy

Lots of are media are flocking to The River for pictures of the ice floes and resultant flooding; Columbia Spy‘s got really good photos here.

The newly constructed Borough Parks and Recreation council committee is committed and off and running and there’s a slate of community involvement items a the first meeting’s minutes posted at the Borough Website.

What happens when you head towards the Super Bowl and your QB is hurting? “Fear grips Patriot Nation” The Boston Globe

2017 Report: 4.1% of the County’s police calls; 1.9% of the County’s population: 2017 Communications Statistics


Shining the light … So, yesterday’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s editorial must have contributed to the two Pennsylvania senators deciding to reveal the names of the persons under consideration for the “impending vacancy on the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas.” In an article in today’s newspaper it states, “On Thursday, they told LNP it was always their intention to release the names after first consulting with the candidates during their interviews.” Sure!

Ed Schopf of Mountville in a letter-to-the-editor posits that LNP – Always Lancaster‘s opinion pages are weighted to one side, “It relies too heavily on columnists from such liberal papers as The Washington Post and The New York Times.” That’s not our take. That’s one reason we find the letters-to-the-editor page and comments following articles to be a better barometer of public sentiment than national columnists. There are letters from those on the polarized points and. sometimes, centrists.

Can anyone know who’s coaching national columnists … or letter writers? Absolutely not. Are letter writers, particularly the repeat and frequent ones, representative? Absolutely not! Could everyone have an agenda? Absolutely!

Porn paysThe Hill

When the owners of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette read an  editorial in their own newspaper; they disputed it with a letter-to-the-editor.

Pennsylvania’s Emergency Alert system has two-person accountabilityWITF

Heading down the slippery slope | Supreme Court: It’s OK to have “partisan gerrymandering.”The New York Times

One Website says Giant is PA’s best grocery storeCentral Penn Business Journal





  1. H-m-m-m, it should; we tested it. It comes directly from the Borough Website. It’s a download as a Word file.

    In any case, here’s the info from the file:

    Borough of Columbia
    Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes
    January 11, 2018
    Chair: Pamela Williams
    Vice Chair: Fran FitzGerald
    Member: Todd Burgard

    The first meeting of the Borough Council’s Parks and Recreation Committee was called to order at 6:00 PM. All committee members were present.

    1. Committee Chair Pamela Williams read an introduction that outlined the purpose of the committee and defined initial tasks that will lay the groundwork for ongoing projects. They are as follows:

    a. A consultant will be hired through an RFP bid process. The scope of work for the consultant will be to provide information and recommendations that
    will be used to assess our existing parks and be used for various grant applications.

    b. A Parks and Recreation Advisory Board will be appointed. This Board will consist of three to five residents who will make recommendations to the Committee but will not have a vote. Positions will be advertised, and the Board will be voted on by Borough Council and be seated by the March 8, 2018 Committee meeting.

    c. A Youth Advisory Board will be formed, consisting of students from Borough schools. The Youth Board will meet quarterly and represent their peers, making suggestions for activities they would like to participate in.

    d. A survey of Borough residents will be generated to gain a sense of what people want for our parks and what activities they would participate in, for themselves and their families.

    e. This Committee will support Borough Police and Columbia Borough Schools in their ongoing mentoring efforts.

    Items for Committee Action:

    1. Rebecca Denlinger will create an RFP to be distributed to potential consultants. The document will be ready for the Committee’s review within the next week and be distributed soon after.

    2. Pam Williams will provide copy to Greg Sahd to use to advertise for members of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

    3. Todd Burgard will arrange a meeting between the Committee and Superintendent Tom Strickler to discuss the role of schools in a recreation program as well as the best way to identify students for the Youth Advisory Board.

    4. Committee members will research survey content. Fran FitzGerald will consolidate this input into a final survey.

    There was discussion about how to involve and coordinate with various local organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club, the Chamber of Commerce, Columbia Life Network, Hands Across the Street and Susquehanna Heritage. All these organizations, along with area churches, have programming throughout the year. It would be useful to create a master calendar of events.

    It is the intent of the Committee to provide a summer rec program for Summer 2018. As a committee and as a community we will learn as we go. This is a good start.

    The next meeting of the Parks and Recreation will take place on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 6:00 PM.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Pamela Williams
    Chair, Parks and Recreation Committee

    • Thanks. Maybe we should abolish all government and just let the consultants take over. At least we wouldn’t be paying twice for Everything.

  2. If my math is correct, EMS calls amounted to over six percent of the total. It’s surpriseing that there is no urgent treatment center here. But, perhaps not; it would probably opperate at a loss as most of those using it could not afford to pay. Also, I suspect the disapportionate number of EMS calls is due to a lack of transportation by the elderly and poorer residents.

    It’s quite sad to see folks hiking up the hill from Mussers with half a dozen bags of groceries. I’d like to see the mony spent on the trolly used for the residents of Columbia instead of chasing tourest dollars at a loss. Fat chance!

    • Not seeing where you developed the numbers. Remember that the Susquehanna Valley EMS has a quite broad coverage area. Not counting its coverage in York County, it lists these communities in Lancaster County: We provide service to the following areas in Lancaster County:

      Columbia Borough, East Hempfield Township, East Petersburg Borough, Martic Township, Mount Joy Borough, Mountville Borough, West Hempfield Township, Conestoga Township, East Donegal Township, Manor Township, Mount Joy Township, Pequea Township, Rapho Township, Washington Borough and West Donegal Township.

      • I didn’t realize how many jurisdictions were involved. I checked your numbers and attempted to apply the same formulia not realizing the difference. It’s always confusing.

        Remember, figures lie and liers figure. * In this case, I didn’t mean to mislead; its very unbecoming.

        * Two points for the first one who gets the attribution and Brian can’t play.

  3. I agree with stinky. Why are we paying for both consultants and borough employees? Is there no one on the advisory board qualified to make decisions, suggestions, and yes, even apply for a grant? An ex-council person told me that anyone can write a grant, it’s not as complex as we are led to believe. Why have an advisory board? A good start would be to pick up the trash at one park in particular. We don’t need to pay a consultant to tell us that.

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