Saturday’s news – 1/20/18 | shutdown & Columbia in the news

SHUTDOWNGovernance is “the process of decision-making and the process by which decisions are implemented (or not implemented).” Failure is “the fact of someone or something not succeeding.”

“Government Shuts Down” NPR

“Here’s how a government shutdown could affect you”ABCNews [NOTE: Though the elected public servants in Wonderland are highly ineffective at governing, they still will be paid. Certain other functions will continue.]

Ineffective leadership; legislative bumbling and finger-pointing politicians create shutdown.

Victimized by ineffectiveness | “The federal workers facing an unpaid furlough: ‘We’re being used as pawns’”The Guardian

Playing into the enemy’s hands. – The Daily News, New York

Stacking the judicial deck | “Trump appointing judges at rapid pace” The Los Angeles Times

New tax law inspired? | Fulton Bank will raise “its minimum pay to $12 an hour” in February says this Lancaster Online article. That’s fair considering, last year it increased its president’s compensation by more than 25%.

first yearA piece in today’s LNP -Always Lancaster asks Lancaster Countians for observations on the first year.

Extreme cold weather and home heating oil | The heating oil price trends for Central PAUS Energy Information Administration


It’s a Columbia Day | Today’s LNP – Always Lancaster has more positive news about Columbia. The editorial: “A century of hoops history” lauds Columbia’s basketball programs over the years.

  What’s going on in Camp HillAttractive Website, but no news about this news. Also, it’s difficult to find budget info. But the site reveals: “All Borough Council Members are non-paid elected officials residing in Camp Hill Borough.” The borough manager previously was the borough manager in nearby Mechanicsburg.

dallastown_churchA sign put up by Pastor Christopher Rodkey at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Dallastown reads, “Blessed are those from the $*!*holes.” (Photo: Ted Czech, York Daily Record) – WITF

Communicating | “Set your voicemail and clean out the fridge: A pre-shutdown memo”The Boston Globe

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