and in later news – 1/26/2018

Who doesn’t know what you have to have in your possession when operating a motor vehicle? Evidently more than a few folks.

Down River floodingLancaster Online

safe exchangeNorthwest Regional Police Deparetment Safe Exchange Zone – news release

Yeah, you think there’s a difference – There’s not!The Washington Post

But, the Spartan hierarchy is not taking the Penn State cover-up path. “Michigan State AD Mark Hollis resigns”ESPN

Mark Hollis’ statement from the Michigan State Athletics Department Website.

But … as in so many instances like these … there was “a pattern of widespread denial, inaction and information suppression of such allegations by officials ranging from campus police to the Spartan athletic department.” – ESPN

See this paragraph‘This is not Penn State’ Really? How’s it different when a staffer at one institution does the same “grooming” and mind control and assault and violation than another?” from this Columbia news, views & reviews post.

No “only happy news” at the Michigan State Campus Newspaper: The State News.

Nor the Michigan State University Website.

Nor the hometown newspaperThe Lansing State Journal

“Traveling while black |Some Americans are afraid to explore their own country”The Washington Post

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