Wednesday’s news items – 1/31/2018 | the last day of January

A declining rate put in perspective: At 6.8 percent, the unemployment rate for African-Americans is the lowest it has been since the government started keeping track in 1972. “But if the country as a whole was at a 6.8 percent unemployment rate, we’d be talking about a recession,” Dedrick Asante-Muhammad, with the advocacy group Prosperity Now, told us. That rate is also almost double the 3.7 percent unemployment rate for white Americans. The troubling disparity in unemployment rates is due to a number of factors, experts told us, such as a legacy of racial inequality and the effects of growing up in poverty. – MarketPlace

“How the Swamp Drained Trump”The Atlantic


Trump’s first State of the Union: Read the full transcript.Time

“AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s speech doesn’t skimp on exaggerations”Yahoo Finance

“Teleprompter Trump: … far different persona from Twitter Trump.” – The Boston Globe

Gas prices surge!gas pricesAt the end of July, Pennsylvania’s gas prices were lower than the national average; but today prices in Pennsylvania are 12% higher. In and around Columbia, prices are in the $2.83 – $2.89 range. Gas Buddy

On the day it happened; we said,And it is entirely unacceptable. Heads need to roll on this “sorry ass” excuse.” Yesterday, they rolled. – Pacific Business News

Big money bets are on the Eagles The Sporting News

“After we fix gerrymandering, let’s make reps live in their districts” – Column by Paul Muschick, The Morning Call, Allentown

“1 in 4 handgun owners carry loaded weapons monthly”Journalist’s Resource



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