Communication, miscommunication and messages | Saturday – 2/3/2018


Lies abound and gullible populations accept them – Exploring the reasons behind lying in international (and all) politicsThe Odyssey Online

From a 2011 book review: “there will be more lying — and more mistrust — to come.”The Washington Post

Stocks | Worst week in two yearsNPR

groundhog2015Phil, you had your chance and you blew it | Go back into your hole. But not all of your kin agree with you.

Paradise Lost | LNP – Always Lancaster reports that for a seventh year more people have left Lancaster County than have moved in.

Up in January: pay and employmentWITF

IRS Tax Scams


That’s the way people looking online for the Columbia Market House are feeling. They find a working Website, an invitation to visit, for the Market House: and a facebook page, but when they get to Columbia, it’s closed. This miscommunication registers distrust, dismay and bad feelings.

THIS IS A COLUMN that comments on a real news item: “‘This is a blatant example of everything that is wrong with this country’: Nancy Eshelman”

“VA launches welcome kit to guide Veterans to the benefits and services they’ve earned”Veterans Affairs




  1. If i remember correctly, President Trump complained about the price of AF One. You would have thought he was trying to put Bowing out of business by some of the reaction in the press and from government officials. Seems the average Joe gets it while the establishment insiders don’t. Pretty much explains why Trump won and continues to hold his base.

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