Get this card in the mail? Here’s why you should throw it away!

Should you get this card in the mail, throw it away! The Better Business Bureau shows this not very flattering report.

urp vehicle scam 2urp vehicle scam 1

After googling  URP VEHICLE DIVISION, there were mostly warnings like these:

“An elderly friend received a card in the mail from “URP Vehicle Division” with a postal address of 3216-1 Rue Royale, St. Charles MO 63301 and this 800 number listed. I trust (the real) Resident47 when he said these are scams. Same goes for the shills who think anyone is foolish enough to fall for their fake review.”

“One of the most obnoxious and deceptive marketing campaigns I have ever seen is taking place right now. It uses postcards, letters, and phone calls to sell outrageously priced extended warranties.”

Consumer Reports says, “Car warranty scams, which attempt to trick consumers into buying vehicle service contracts, continue to plague consumers despite government efforts to crack down on the caper.”

The Federal Trade Commission says this about: “Auto Service Contracts and Warranties”

And the Better Business Bureau says this about United Repair Programs.

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