Here we go … full-tilt despotism

POTUS has just directed: “Plan a grand military parade”


Here we go down the path that’s favored by dictators around the globe. In Russia. In China. In North Korea.

Dictators just love to watch a display of military displays in the form of a grandiose parade.

Watch a Chinese parade!

Watch a North Korean parade!

Watch a Russian Parade!

Watch the Bastille Day parade in France (the one that got POTUS so excited).

Here’s the US Third Infantry Division marching in Savannah’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.


A bunch of years ago, we had the pleasure/detail/adventure of participating in a parade at Fort Myer, VA – then a member of the 28th Division’s 2/111 Infantry Regiment (the Associators), we participated in a retirement ceremony for a general. To be on the same parade field, our unit and others who were tasked for this occasion had to be trained to march by the Third Infantry Regiment – The Old Guard. These are the soldiers who serve as the honor guard for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Here is The Third Infantry Regiment in a review at Fort Myer, VA.

Other branches of the US military have ceremonial and parade units as The United States Marine Corps has an ceremonial unit too: Marine Barracks Washington, D.C.

In our military stint, we were not in a ceremonial unit. The thought of even a divisional parades was something we hated. Our recollection of an airfield parade in South Vietnam for the day-tripping Secretary of State a long time ago sticks in our craw.

This piece rings true: “Interestingly, there is a direct correlation between troops’ participation in asymetrical warfare and combat deployments and distaste for pageantry.”

Rambling observations of a person who served in the military in non-ceremonial roles.


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