Tuesday’s news items [bankruptcy – a British Turkey Hill convenience store & more] – 2/6/18

read localScenes seen – Local news sources, Columbia Spy and Columbia news, views & reviews invite residents and visitors to “Read Local.”

ice diamondsYesterday’s frigid temperatures produced spectacular glistening tree branches. We saw spectacular views in the afternoon sun – unfortunately the splendor didn’t quite come through in the mobile phone photos.

Wegman’s wants to hire 475 hardworking employees according to its website.

Crisco’s out – hydraulic fluid is in PhillyRoute 50

Turkey Hill convenience stores soldFortune

Teaching kids about sportsmanshipThe Boston Globe

Another teaching moment | Chris Long’s search for former teammateThe Boston Globe

Bon Ton files for bankruptcy protectionCNBC

Columnist argues POTUS is right | Citizens must challenge law enforcement: “Strong and effective law enforcement must not unfairly deprive American citizens of their rights.” – The Federalist

vote them out

“Boycott the Republican Party |If conservatives want to save the GOP from itself, they need to vote mindlessly and mechanically against its nominees.” – The Atlantic

Do it – Draw those lines FOX43-TV

OPINION: We regularly read letters-to-the-editor and comments following articles as well as some social media sites, because we treasure freedom of speech and expression and transparency. Sometimes, though we are incredulous that some people want to shunt away all but the happy news. For instance, a letter writer in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s opinion pages wants only ha[ppy news: “We need less news that results in division and more stories grounded in moral imagination that foster hope and bring healing to our nation and world.”


“Pack a lunch and join the National Watch and Clock Museum for its Lunch ‘Time’ presentation, ‘Reverse Painting on Glass’ on Wednesday, February 14.” – National Watch & Clock Museum facebook page

“On February 6, 2018, Governor Tom Wolf will announce the Pennsylvania Business One-Stop Shop — a go-to resource for planning, registering, operating, and growing a business in PA. The PA Business One-Stop Shop team — and its website business.pa.gov — will serve as the first point of contact connecting and guiding businesses through all stages of development — from planning and startup to operating and expanding. Entrepreneurs and small businesses form the foundation of our business community, and by extension, our economy. We want to ensure that they have the tools and resources they need to work smart and live happy.”


  1. LNP can go along pretending to be fair and balanced, all about transparency, but it is just that, “pretending.” I submitted a letter to the editor recently that suggested the DAs office picks and chooses cases based on maintaining a winning record to bolster their own careers. A former LNP employee now works at the DAs office and apparently provides case updates to LNP. They left me a voice mail, refusing to publish my letter. It was well written and contained no profanity. They said since I was a witness in a case that I cited, I could not write a letter about it. Who better to comment than a witness? The case is closed and the appeal denied. I firmly believe that LNP also picks and chooses based on protecting their interests rather than transparency and free speech.

  2. It’s interesting that the media is so concerned about “the death of the Republican Party” and yet don’t recognize that the Democratic Party is already dead. Who else would drag out a Kennedy (poster child of the limousine liberals) as a rebuttal to the state of the union address or embrace Opra (friend of Weinstein) as the face of the “me too” movement. There’s plenty more.

    On another subject, seems your correct, the Pope has proved unreliable (another politicaly correct term for lier). I’m not Catholic but it is disappointing.

    • One | We don’t watch a lot of TV news – probably because we’re too Pennsylvania-Dutch frugal to pay Comcast’s prices for more than the stripped down version we get which is multiple iterations of NBC and ABC local affiliates and a local CBS affiliate plus WITF.

      Two | We are so convinced that the major political parties are simply clones of one another. Each is beholding to the folks who have major bucks to pay the elected public servants (er, ah, marionettes) to dance to their tunes.

      Three | It’s a darn disgrace and very disturbing when major institutions preach one thing and practice another. Churches are just one example; major colleges, another. The primary political parties, another.

      Four | We do enjoy your insight and we revere that each of us has the right to speak out / up for what each of us believes in.

  3. The 2 major political parties lost there voice way back in the 1970’s when they let the federal government mandate that they choose their candidates based on primary election results. Today they are simply the two arms of the federal monster. They both serve the same interests and insidiously serve only to protect the status quo.

    The 1996 election is a perfect example of what’s wrong. It was a forgone conclusion that Dole couldn’t win but the Republicans were locked into that choice. They might not have won but the party, and the country, would have been much better off with a candidate selected in a smoke filled back room. The same could be said about the Obama/ McCain race. (The entire human race would have been better off without McCain.)

    I believe the outrage in the media today actually is only partly a reaction to Trump himself and more about their failure to control the process. The Obama-McCain race being a prime example. The choice was between a first term senator with no accomplishments and a corrupt senator (remember the Keeting 5, savings and loan scandal) who’s major accomplishment was being a POW and having passed a campaign finance reform bill nicknamed the incumbent protection bill.

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