News on Thursday – 2/8-2018

Public knowledge about what government officials do is essential in a representative democracy. Without such knowledge, citizens cannot make informed choices about who they want to represent them or hold public officials accountable.” – The Conversation

“Super Bowl-winning quarterback Russell Wilson traded … to New York Yankees”The Guardian

bud-lightJust too cool | Bud Light declares Thursday Philly Philly Day (and here’s how to score the free beer)Penn Live

Letter to the editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster extols the talents of Tom Hermansader.

thermansaderHermansader is a Columbia artist of note and the owner of Hermansader’s Victorian Mansion and Art Gallery.

Complete the short survey | 2018 Pennsylvania Bicycle and Pedestrian Community Survey” | “PennDOT is updating its statewide bicycle and pedestrian master plan. That includes a 22-question survey that will help regional and state planners.”

Libraries without books?WITF

You rock, Tammy D. | “I will not be lectured about what our military needs by a five-deferment draft dodger.”The Los Angeles Times

Oh, Nancy – eight hours? Next time, think about the TEDTalk format (5-18 minutes).

Looks like we are going to try to arrest our way out of this! | POTUS “Will Focus On Opioid Law Enforcement, Not Treatment” WITF

inbox“At 5.10pm on New Year’s Day, I had 16,516 unread emails in my inbox. – At 5.11pm on New Year’s Day, my inbox was empty.” – The Guardian

Running out of space for it’s millionaires | What to do?BBC

And in this country, the millionaire “elected public servants” in Wonderland have introduced “spending-hike budget … (which is a) ‘monstrosity’” – BBC




  1. Free beer for Philly fans; what could go wrong with that?

    Can I have that token of your not going to use it?

    Yards or Bud Lite? Don’t much matter after the first half dozen.

    • Well, you’ve done it again. Got an out loud chuckle from your lucid commentary. Thanks for bringing levity to this day.

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