Saturday’s news item & notes – 2/24/2018

It’s an “April Showers” weekend!

penn manor

Administrators investigate graffiti threat at Penn Manor High School – Lancaster Online

Charges filed at Hempfield School DistrictLancaster Online

Today at Spooky Nook – Friends of NRA event

The detailed minutes for January 2018’s separate council committee meetings are now posted at the borough Website for the:

And some of the draft agendas for some of the other committees are posted.

NOT POSTEDMinutes for the borough council meetings for December and January.


Censorship is alive in E-town at the high school’s student newspaper according to an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. According to the article, “If students aren’t more careful, Elizabethtown High School student Nathaniel McCloud said, administrators might eliminate the publication altogether.” [NOTE: McCloud is the publication’s co-editor according to the article.]

The student newspaper, Etown ExPRESSion, has been conducting and publishing a series of interviews with school board members. Here’s the interview at issue.

Donegal Group takes hit in part due to “the $4.8 million income tax expense impact of the December tax law change.” – CNBC





  1. H-m-m-m, we just tested it again and on two separate browsers and it works for us. Don’t know what to say except you could go to the Borough Website ( ), use the drop-down slider to “committees” then to “parks & recreation agenda and minutes.”

    • Yeah, it’s weird, huh?

      Just tested on my phone too … all of minutes do display on mine but to find them I had to scroll down after clicking on the Committee agendas and minutes.

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