Thursday’s news items [part 1] – 3/1/2018

In like a lion.a lion“Briton Rivière, Una and Lion, nineteenth century.

So today’s March the first. Likely you’ve heard the phrase, “March comes in like a lion … ” Where did that phrase originate; here’s one thought from the Paris Review.

Hard-to-find commodity: truthfulness!la problematicHasn’t everyone had a car that could be called “la problematik?” That’s French for “the problem.” Spied this pronouncement on a vehicle in Lebanon last week. Truthfulness “is a virtue that is hard to find. Look at politicians, used car salesmen, or any number of professions where it seems the ‘only’ way to get ahead is through deception.” It is, according to this article in Dominica, a forgotten virtue.

Fish where the fish are! | Lancaster politician will campaign and seek office “in new Harrisburg-based district, ending years-long bid in Lancaster.” – Lancaster Online

An outstanding opportunity in Elizabethtown on March 15.cabinetRSVP by March 9 by email: or call 570.614.2090

“Nearly half of Hempfield High School students didn’t go to school Wednesday, the day targeted in threat”Lancaster Online

“What Are Active-Shooter Drills Doing to Kids? The psychological effects of realistic simulations could be dangerous. – The Atlantic

Tax Time Offers Opportunity to Help Pennsylvania’s Military Familiesnews release

Coaching Into Care is a national telephone service of the VA which aims to educate, support, and empower family members and friends who are seeking care or services for a Veteran.”

‘We Should Not Stumble Into War’: While Americans are paying attention to Donald Trump’s latest tweets, the U.S. is facing the possibility of a large-scale military clash in Syria.”

“If you’re about to turn 60 and know your mother has had Alzheimer’s disease since 65, at what age will the disease strike you?” – Futurity

Who knew? Costco is one of the largest sellers of new cars and hearing aids.

Here are the Web pages for each:

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