Monday’s news – 3/5/2018

teacher stress

“The hidden threat of teacher stress” The Conversation

Noticed in today’s LEGAL NOTICES at Lancaster Online Lancaster Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 “invites sealed electronic bids” for supplies. That’s a new one for us; here’s how SEALED ELECTRONIC BIDs work.

Garbage in, garbage out: Incinerating trash is not an effective way to protect the climate or reduce waste” – The Conversation

bulb snatcher

Ever notice you often don’t have a camera at exactly the right time? Watched a squirrel come down the tree and start digging at the base of a tree. Then watched him scamper up the tree with a spring flower bulb. You can (just barely) see the little furry creature up there on a branch munching away on the bulb.

Just because it’s a 501 (c) (3) does not mean it’s an honest one | “State and federal officials accuse veterans nonprofit of misleading donors”The Center for Public Integrity

“What does it mean to be a 501(c)(3) organization?”The Foundation Group


    • If you shoot the squirrel with an assault rifle, there would be no proof of it having existed. Did you know that 90 people a day in this country die from guns?

  1. The second amendment does not compel me to kill the vermin with an assault rifle. It does protect my right to use a shotgun , a bow and arrow, a slingshot, or a sharp stick. And, if I ever become so self righteously socially conscious that I can’t laugh, it protects my right to buy a gun and turn it on myself.

  2. Sorry Rich, I sort of took your post as personal and responded in kind. I try to stay away from national politics as it brings out the worst in me. I’ve vowed to try and pay more attention to what happens in Columbia and less to what happens in the District of Columbia.

    • Stinky – Al Dodson, I was not making a statement about the 2nd Amendment, rather I made two statements of fact. Assault rifles are made and used for one purpose, and that purpose is to kill human beings in the most efficient manner. They should have no place in our civilian lives. BTW, I accept your apology, although I was not offended. Have a great day.

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