Last night’s borough council meeting


Last night the Columbia Borough Council meeting began at 7:23 pm and concluded at 1033 pm as the entire council, the mayor, the borough’s legal counsel, the borough manager, the assistant manager, the public works director and the the code enforcement manager sat around the horseshoe configured tables in front of the assembled two dozen or so persons in the gallery.

Here is the Preliminary Borough Council Meeting Agenda for that meeting plus this addendum sheet provided last night.

additions - changes

Citizens will have to wait until after the April council meeting to get the “official” minutes of the meeting when they are supposed to be posted at the borough website, though those in attendance could see and hear what transpired at the meeting for the most part.

Those who did not attend the meeting will have to rely on the observations and recollections of those who were in the meeting room. 

Columbia news, views & reviews does audio record all public meetings in accordance with state law and will provide a copy of the digital recording for anyone who requests a copy of the meeting.

To request a copy of the recording send an email to


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