“Girls’ clothing in school is more regulated than guns in America” – BuzzFeed News

school regsStraight to the point. David Mack / BuzzFeed News

Students around the US walked out to honor the Parkland shooting victims and survivors

“‘It wasn’t a few thousand, or even tens of thousands — yesterday, nearly 1 million students took part in the #Enough National School Walkout, calling for increased gun control.

“All in all, more than 2,800 walkouts were scheduled to protest Congress’s inaction in response to gun violence in schools.

“Not all schools sanctioned the walkouts — some districts threatened disciplinary action, including suspensions (including this tyrannical action in a Berks County school), against students who participated. But many of those students walked out anyway.

“In one school that wouldn’t let students walk out, they took a knee in the hallway.

“The message?

“Those who participated in the walkouts had one consistent message to the students of Parkland, Florida, where a shooting left 17 dead: You’re not alone — you lead, and we’ll follow you.

“As one student in Kansas put it in her message to Parkland survivors, “this movement is created by you. It’s been led by you. And we stand with you every step of the way.”

“We also picked some of the most emotive signs that students held during the walkout.”

SOURCE: BuzzFeed News


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