Thursday’s news items [empty Market House; scammers; slammers; how healthy are we? & more] – 3/15/2018

It’s todayBeware the Ides of

Hemp talk and more at tonight’s Council’s Community Development meeting.

The shape of lighting | According to this Columbia Spy article following the February  Council Meeting, the Route 462 lighting project was going to be in the “$300,000 plus installation costs” vicinity.

The recently posted minutes from the January Community Development Meeting states:

462 Lighting Project. Ron Miller and Rebecca Denlinger led a discussion with the Committee on moving forward with a lighting project that would be constructed along Route 462 (Chestnut Street) starting at Second Street and ending at Union Street. The funding for the approximately $412,500 project will come from the General Obligation Bond. That amount does not include the Borough labor (Public works will primarily do the installation work) or supplemental labor, equipment rental, etc. We will install 54 3-foot bases and 20-foot poles (and 10-foot ground rod) with single gooseneck lights along Chestnut Street. They will be placed 200-feet apart (100-feet apart in diagonal) in staggered locations along the route. Each light will have a photocell, so they come on independently. The lights are high enough to allow for tractor trailers to travel under. Also, the poles will accommodate the old (larger) snowflake decorations. 

“Councilman Berntheizel asked if the Borough would also undertake any brick repair along the route in conjunction with the project. Ron Miller indicated that where the new bases will go, we will also repair the brick in that spot. The Borough will attempt to work with PPL to see if we can utilize existing poles instead of installing stands/poles to accommodate meters, panel boxes, etc. We will also ask PPL to remove the cobra head lights along the installation route.”


Those with no resources other than a bent towards capitalizing from those who seek quick riches are among us. Throughout history the scammers and “shammers” have preyed on the hopefulness of the gullible believers.

Among the scams and shams out there is the recent phenomenon of digital currencies. Funny how these scams and shams tend to have all the components of pyramid and Ponzi schemes. The scammers and “shammers” are the perpetrators or the “early adopters” and everyone else loses.

Here are some examples:


But John Oliver’s 25 minute explanation about digital currencies is perhaps the most understandable. Note, Oliver’s language is acceptable to Evangelicals and RWNJs because he speaks POTUS.

How healthy are we?

Slammers? – Persons who write comments following articles and try to divert the issues. Yesterday’s Student Walkouts were about just one issue – to pressure lawmakers to toughen gun laws –  yet the comments are not about one issue.

now what.jpgWe found out at the Monday Council meeting no bids were received for the Market House nor the Front Street fire station … in the second offering! What’s next? In the words of POTUS: “We’ll see.”

We didn’t find out what happened to the smashed police vehicle.Columbia Spy

Eligible first time homebuyers, residing in Lancaster County and looking to purchase within Lancaster County, may qualify for a closing cost and down payment assistance loan with LHOP’s Homebuyer Loan Program. – Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership

“Columbia Housing Improvement & Homeownership Loan Program

Human canaries?Futurity




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