Huh? Just “Huh?


We continue to have a difficult time figuring out why folks who commit crimes keep asking for leniency and forgiveness. Unless, of course, it’s because they keep seeing the nation’s political and corporate captains doing the same things and keep getting away with it.

Here’s another case, though, of a person who stole over $360,000 from her church (which happened to be her employer). She gets to pay it back at $500 a month or less. By our feeble calculations, that’ll take more than 60 years. 60 years and that doesn’t include interest. That doesn’t take into consideration the loss of charitable works the church could have been doing with $380,000 that she squandered away “when the thefts occurred, … was earning more than $70,000 a year as a teacher.”

We continue to wonder how any organization can be so flush with cash that it cannot miss over a quarter million dollars.

“Woman who stole $362,000 from her church must pay back the money, judge rules”The Morning Call

An earlier article: “Despite pleas on her behalf, Easton teacher who stole from church gets prison”The Morning Call

Wonder what’s behind this burst of candidates for mayor in Allentown? “More than 30 people apply to be Allentown mayor?

Could be:

  • Some see it as a path to money?
  • Some see it as a path to power?

Let’s hope that in that group of 30 there are some real citizen patriots who really want to do the right thing in a representative democracy!



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