On a chilly Monday morning, today’s news items include land bank minutes; chaos in Wonderland and more] – 3/25/2018

Columbia is a scoreboard leader | Page one on the Land Bank Authority’s Website.


At the Land Bank’s January meeting, there was a presentation that featured an “onscreen inventory of Columbia properties” click here to download the minutes to see a property-by-property report.

Lancaster’s having a tough time offloading their white elephant, too!Lancaster Online

$antorum: ever out of touch with people CBS News


Another secretary going?The Hill

Kinda’ says a lot when a “porn star” come off as “righteous” in her revelations about 45! 60 Minutes

“Nuns raise large cross next to Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline”WITF

market house pages

As people google Columbia Market House, they’ll find links

( www.columbiamarkethouse.com and a facebook page ) to a defunct operation. If they decide to come to the Market House, they’ll find an empty structure – Columbia can do better.

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