a few more Sunday news items | part III [new media resource; opportunity zones; convicted elected public servants & more] – 4/22/2918


A new news media concept (not a fake news site) has come to York. “Our York Media is an all-digital media company that offers a platform for local businesses and organizations to share their stories and news that normally might not be covered by traditional media. Stories marked ‘Presented by’ or ‘Sponsored by’ were paid for by a business or organization to be published on this site.”

“YorIt invests in Our York Media”Central Penn Business Journal

Penn State winsThe Daily Collegian

OPINION | “The lazy pigs who discard snack wrappers, soda cans, cigarette packs, losing lottery tickets and other junk on the ground wouldn’t drop that stuff on their living room floor. But they toss it in public because once they’re gone, it’s not their problem.” – The Morning Call

And he didn’t do it anonymously | “Trump lashes out at New York Times over Michael Cohen coverage” – The Los Angeles Times

“Survey finds reasons to worry about U.S. democracy”Futurity

opportunity zones

Columbia Borough is a Qualified Opportunity Zone | “The federal tax bill passed at the end of December 2017 enables the governor to designate certain census tracts as Opportunity Zones. Investments made by individuals through special funds in these zones would be allowed to defer or eliminate federal taxes on capital gains. The governor was given the opportunity to designate up to 25 percent of census tracts that either have poverty rates of at least 20 percent or median family incomes of no more than 80 percent of statewide or metropolitan area family income.” – PA Department of Community and Economic Development

“Perched on a platform high in a tree, a 61-year-old woman fights a gas pipeline” The Washington Post

Swamp creatures abound | “Scott Pruitt Before the E.P.A.: Fancy Homes, a Shell Company and Friends With Money” The New York Times

Lying with Swine! | “EPA chief Scott Pruitt did meet lobbyist linked to condo lease, despite denials”The Guardian

“Bloomsburg mayor accused of soliciting prostitute”WITF

Allentown’s convicted former mayor want to be “not guilty” | Doesn’t every convicted person? – WITF




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