Saturday’s news briefs – 5/5/2018

In Wonderland | The “false claims” increase [and the exaggerations are not counted]The Washington Post [NOTE: When we were kids, this is the person we stayed away from.]

Give Local York raises $1,479,262 in one day.


“The Real History Of Cinco De Mayo, In Less Than A Minute” – VideoTask & Purpose

In today’s LNP – Always Lancaster POLICE LOG: “MANHEIM TWP.: Matthew A. Schreck, 32, of Columbia, was charged with possession with intent to deliver marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia after a traffic stop, May3 on North Queen Street at McGovern Avenue, police said.”

RARE AIR | What Albert Pujols breathes.The Los Angeles Times

In May at The National Watch and Clock Museum:

  • American Treasures: The Gottdenker Collection. One Man’s Collection Becomes One Museum’s Treasure. On exhibit through December 2018 – Included with Museum admission.
  • James Bond Originals and James Bond Wore the Quartz Revolution. Expanded  exhibits of watches worn by James Bond – Included with Museum admission.

Turkey Hill reminds everyone: National Lemonade Day is Sunday, May 6thnew-lemonades

“You can party with our regular lemonade, but if you want to switch things up a bit (again, feel free to get a little crazy), you might want to try a glass of our new Watermelon Lemonade or our new Raspberry Lemonade.

‘In between sips, here are a few facts about lemonade that are guaranteed to take your celebration to even wackier levels:

  • California and Arizona produce 95% of the entire U.S. lemon crop.
  • Lemonade in the UK and Australia is carbonated, like soda. If you want it without the bubbles, you have to order “cloudy lemonade”.
  • There’s actual science behind why lemonade is such a great thirst-quencher. Sour or tart drinks stimulate our salivary glands, which provide relief from the ‘dry mouth’ feeling we associate with being dehydrated.”


“May is Bike Month! Lighten Up Lancaster  is celebrating with a new resource – the Get Started Guide to Bicycling – This guide, written by Jason Ingargiola of Trek Bicycle Store in Lancaster, will help you get started with bicycling, even if you haven’t ridden since you were a kid. You’ll learn:

  • How to start slow and get in shape the smart way.
  • What’s the right bike? Learn where to shop and how to choose.
  • Basic bicycle safety is simple – just learn your ABCs.
  • Tips, resources, and groups to keep you rolling!”

“The shame felt by people who struggle to read and write” BBC

Wives, take the abuse! | That’s what “fundy” religious leaders say. – The Washington Post




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