Primary election day results – 2018 | not a lot of bang for the bucks


When will Pennsylvanians wake up to recognize that we’ve got a pathetic system. So few people voted in the “look-alike” controlled democratic process yesterday, it had to be an exceptionally dismal day for poll-workers.

You can get all the drab. dreary reports at Lancaster Online; read about yesterday’s election results.

Here are the results for the offices shown above for Lancaster County and Columbia in a .pdf format. And here’s a link to the Lancaster County Board of Elections Current Election Results

Lancaster County’s got 322,352 registered voters including 103,190 registered Democratic and 167,703 Republican. Yet yesterday’s turnout was pathetic by any standard. About one in five Republican registered voters voted for a gubernatorial candidate; one in four, Democrats.

In Columbia, the highest vote-getter of the considered consequential offices (there were several inconsequential offices, party committee representatives) was David Hickernell?

It’s time to hold open primaries in Pennsylvania. Let’s demand that the really expensive primary election apparatus be opened for everyone to participate.

open primaries


  1. Eleminate the primaries and let the parties choose their candidates any way they choose. This allows the parties to be independent. Those who choose to participate in party politics should have the most say in who the parties nominee is. If they want a primary, let the party pay for it. If they want to choose the nominee in a smoke filled room, it’s none of my business unless I have participated in the process. As an avowed non- partisan, I should not have to pay for the parties primary nor should only government sanctioned entities be on the ballot.

  2. We agree fully with that. It’s already pay to play; let those card carrying folks pay for their closed primary elections.

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