Ready – Fire – Aim

ready fire aimSummary of last night’s discussion about the co-location of borough offices into the school district’s facilities.

In other news, this LEGAL NOTICE about the school district’s FINAL BUDGET appears at Lancaster Online.


  1. Actually there were many other items discussed as well which you could have reported on…….if you had chosen to stay rather than leave after the discussion on possible relocation was completed. Guess you got all that you came for. Sad.

  2. “Sad” is the fact that a meeting is called and NO numbers showed up! “Sad” is that no one knows the square footage of the buildings at the center of the discussion. I asked the mayor months ago at a public meeting what the square footage is of the municipal building at 308 Locust Street. He did not know and said that’s what a feasibility study will tell us. We really do not need a study to tell us that. He should have made a point to have that information by now. “Sad” is having an elected official scold residents about not attending meetings and then she doesn’t show up! “Sad” is being taxed out of the town we were born in. This list goes on and on.

  3. Another thing that’s sad is that we cannot differ in opinion and still treat each other in a civil way.

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